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JUL 2016

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Case Design/Remodeling San Jose, Calif. ¡ casesanjose.com GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.31% GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.88% Number of Jobs in 2015: 372 Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler Jim Kabel e values we set for our team and our clients are what drive us every day, and have helped us build and follow processes that deliver great ser- vice from initial contact to final completion on our jobs. e most important tactic is empha- sizing and practicing great communication every step of the way. is is demonstrated by the following key items: transparency in our pricing with fixed price contracts; detailed documentation of all project scope and features in drawings and contracts; regular and timely commu- nication by phone, email and through our cloud-based project man- agement system aligned with the homeowner's preference; responding to questions and inquiries in four business hours or less; and proactive notification about warranty and reminders at expiration. CG&S Design Build Austin, Texas ¡ cgsdb.com GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.53% GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.77% Number of Jobs in 2015: 65 Type of Firm: Design/Build Dolores Davis When we develop a relationship with our home- owners, we believe they are customers for life. So even though we have a warranty program that takes care of specific items within the warranty period for our clients, we understand they may need help with home issues that we are really good at and are not always within the warranty period. An example could be changing out a plumbing fixture that is out of warrant — that is easy work for us, but not so much for the homeowner. Also, we contact our clients and ask them to send us a list of any items that need attention. Usually within a day, we call them back and set up an appointment. Our goal is to take care of them within two weeks. Our Warranty Specialist, David Hipple, should wear a cape because most clients call him Superman. Brad VanWeelden Co. Des Moines, Iowa ¡ bradvanweelden.com GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100% GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100% Number of Jobs in 2015: 525 Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler Brad VanWeelden When we meet with our clients for the first time, we try to set clear expectations for timing of project, duration and overall outcome. We at- tempt to communicate with the customer on a high level throughout the project and complete a walk-through at completion to make sure the customer has received the product and work- manship they expected. Byers Enterprises Grass Valley, Calif. ¡ thatsbyers.com GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.88% GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 97.04% Number of Jobs in 2015: 1,800 Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement Ray Byers, Sr. & Ray Byers, Jr. Our company mantra is "Always do the right thing even when no one is watching," which gives our team a lot of liberty to make sure the client is always taken care of. Callen Construction Muskego, Wis. ¡ callcallen.com GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.24% GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 94.02% Number of Jobs in 2015: 610 Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler Philip Callen Our employees come to us with skills, but we make sure they know the fundamentals of giv- ing our customers the best possible remodeling experience. We emphasize the basics of working with the customer: the please and thank yous, helping the customer out, calling a customer on the way to a jobsite so the customer knows their name and when they will be arriving. If you treat the customers right, they will stay with you; that evolved into our mission statement: "We genuinely care for people, our cus- tomers and their homes. We believe in the philosophy Quality Workmanship Works." The key factor to a high customer satisfaction rate has always been our team. Robert Criner, CGR SPECIAL REPORT: Customer Satisfaction 42 July 2016 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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