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JUN 2018

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decision-making have changed. How do you plan to change? OPENING YOUR MIND TO CHANGE Many companies are deluded or simply mis- understand the selling process, frequently assessing it as an art form or method of manipulation. The dictionary contains numerous definitions—some as simple as "exchanging property, goods, or service for money" and "to establish faith, confidence or belief in certain products or structures." Recently we produced, via webinar, a 90-minute virtual sales meeting entitled, "Open Your Mind To Close More Sales." Over 900 companies plus their salespeople (esti- mated 3,500 to 4,000 participants) registered. Through a sampling of their questions and our answers, we offer some observations. Here are some of the questions received and answered during that program: How do you design a sales system that is effective yet doesn't corrupt your credibility? The prospect/customer is the key ingredi- ent in a sound sales methodology. How the prospect thinks and feels has to be the major consideration in the development of a sales system—or that system will eventually fail. You cannot design a sales system without first studying the habits, language, attitudes and practices of those you wish to sell. Only then can a selling method be designed as "methodology," which is the orderly arrange- ment of facts and data so as to respond to the habits, practices and values of those to whom you wish to sell. Another group believes that a strong coun- terbalance to economic conditions, price competition or consumer reluctance can be solved with extensive and diverse market - ing, coupled with aggressive and sometimes questionable selling practices. Both groups reinforce their beliefs and continue the practices they have established while bemoaning what they do not fully un- derstand, rather than searching for the truth. My answer to this is you cannot know what you do not know. UNDERSTANDING THE NEW MARKETPLACE No one in either group would question that the marketplace has changed. The customer base includes many younger buyers inter- ested in upgrades, more economical main- tenance and energy-saving improvements. Older buyers respond to safety, security and "ease of use" products. The availability of financing, diversity of marketing options and expansion of competition all contribute to the growth and expansion of this $325 billion (annual) industry. The customer, products, product avail- ability, buyer habits and methods of THE home improvement/remodeling business is front-loaded with perceptions of why consumers buy or don't buy. Issues such as the economy, uncertain- ty, homeowners reluctant to commit, and price-conscious consumers head the list. Closely tied to these faulty perceptions are the attitudes and biases about marketing and sales practices of many who own/run small to moderate sized home improvement companies. TWO GROUPS WITH DIFFERENT CONCEPTS One group believes that reliance on their credentials, knowledge of remodeling prod- ucts coupled with design capabilities, and skilled project managers and installers are sufficient reasons for customers to select their company's proposal. Many believe that a good response to buyer procrastination lies with cutting prices or reducing quality to meet or beat price competition. This frequently leads to problems in running a profitable business with customer satisfaction. Moreover, this group tends to believe that selling practices in general and what they perceive as aggressive sales practices are diametrically opposed to the image they have created for their business. You Cannot Know What You Do Not Know Open Your Mind to Sell More Business By Dave Yoho " Whenever an interaction between two or more parties takes place for the purpose of establishing new ideas, exchanging goods or services, or the development of a relationship, some form of selling will occur; and the skills of the communicator will determine the outcome." — Dave Yoho: The Science of Successful In-Home Selling 50 SPECIAL SECTION: HOME IMPROVEMENT PRO | June 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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