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JUN 2018

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QR: Who started your company? CK: I started my company in 2008. Yes, pos- sibly the worst time to start a construction company; but I didn't know, which is possibly one of the reasons I succeeded. I only looked at the positive of being your own boss. To say that I was naïve is an understatement. QR: What have you done to grow your busi- ness during the current economy? CK: Fortunately for me, I decided to start my business in 2008, during what many say was the worst economic time. But it motivated me to work like crazy and to figure out what I needed to do to build a successful business, regardless of the economy. By earning my CAPS designation (in 2008) and taking full advantage of what I learned, I built a strong and wide foundation for my business by mar- keting and networking daily to nontraditional markets, which will continue to expand the growth of my business for many years. QR: What are the greatest opportunities in the remodeling market? CK: I might be biased, but when you sit down and physical challenges. I do a great deal of research online reading medical studies, re- ports and any articles pertinent to what I do, because I am looking for ways to address the lifestyle issues that someone with these debil- itating diseases and/or challenges may have. QR: What motivates you every day? CK: Helping educate as many people through as many different venues as I can to be proac- tive and correctly age-in-place. I say correctly, because the majority of people are reactive and wait until something happens. I continue to give free presentations to any group or orga- nization that asks. My main motivation is not to get their business, but to share information because as a former caregiver for my father, I had no idea CAPS or anything outside my personal caregiving bubble existed. Many times, people contact me years later telling me they heard me give a presentation and now need to remodel their home to age-in-place, either due to an age-related issue or becoming a caregiver for a family member. QR: Anything else you'd like to mention about career accomplishments? CK: When I set business goals, regardless if short or long term, it is never about self-rec- ognition but to motivate me to keep moving forward and through whatever negativity comes. All the recognition and awards I have received have been a surprise and honor to receive because truthfully, I am so focused on my business goals I don't think about much else. I must give a huge thank you to the spe- cial colleague who suggested I submit for this Remodeler of the Month honor. | and examine the current information on the largest demographic of homeowners, baby boomers; the fastest growing demographic of homeowners who "need" to remodel to age- in-place, seniors; and the increase in multi- generational homes due to a high percentage of adult children living with their parents, it is easy to ascertain that aging-in-place and universal design are the markets to be in. QR: What does being part of NAHB Remodelers mean to you? CK: Belonging to NAHB Remodelers is reas- surance—knowing you have the NAHB staff, who work hard to support not only current but new members who want to grow a successful business. I have developed a network of pro- fessional remodeling colleagues from across the country whom I can contact and discuss challenges and solutions within our industry. QR: You are very engaged and involved with the CAPS certification program—both in your own community and on the national level. How did you decide to pursue such a designation in the first place? CK: When I initially started my business, I had no idea CAPS even existed. I joined my HBA (BIA of Hawaii) and noticed education classes on the NAHB website so I clicked, hoping there was a class on managing endless paperwork, but [I found] a class called CAPS. e description sounded very interesting be- cause I was my father's caregiver at the time and had relatives with other disabilities. In all, I was my father's caregiver for 17 years, and I use my caregiving experience to help the families I work with. QR: Where do you go for business solutions? CK: Many of the families I work with are seniors who may have age-related health is- sues, genetic and/or congenital challenges Proactive Approach Kiriu uses his caregiver experience to specialize in aging-in-place and universal design markets. Compiled by Kacey Larsen CURT KIRIU, CAPS, CGR CK Independent Living Builders Mililani, Hawaii houzz.com/ckiriu/ ck-independent-living- builders TITLE: President YEAR FOUNDED: 2008 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 3 Read the complete interview at QualifiedRemodeler.com/NAHBR. Projects are designed specifically for each family's current and longer-term situations. Photo: Hawkins Biggins Photography PROFITS: NAHB Remodeler of the Month 20 June 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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