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MAY 2018

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their bevy of art objects remained a key factor for the cli- ents throughout both the redesign and selections process. "ese clients had been serial remodelers. ey have a strong design sense and have slowly been making this house [theirs] over the years," Selby says. "e architec- tural discussions were lively and fun. It's great when you can be in a situation where the homeowners, the architect and the builder are all working in collaboration to make the very best [project]. It was kind of seamless." LIVE FOR TODAY e clients hired "a guy in a truck" for their previous remodels, so naturally they expressed some disbelief when they saw the price for this project, Selby adds. But eventually they understood the technical nature of the job and the need for higher-end products to deliver what they had in mind. "e biggest thing in [these] cases is [to] price early and price often," Selby says. "We start out with a price based on what we see at the time, which are pretty early-stage drawings. ere's not a lot of detail there. Generally, peo- ple make decisions that greatly expand the price, then [they] freak out and pull it back, and we [usually] end up in a nice middle ground. In this case they said, 'You know what? is is what we want, and we're going to go for it.'" Before the renovation, the homeowners used the kitchen for reading because the living room did not offer enough light. Now they find any reason to populate the revamped space. "ey'll eat in the dining room right next to the kitchen and all those kinds of things," Selby notes. "But the minute they're not doing something else in the house, sleeping or [working] in the office or whatever, this is where they live now." | VIBRANT BACKDROP e structural insulated panels addressed some of the concern about energy efficiency in the new living space, but the preponderance of glass still induced unease. A wood-burning fireplace made to circulate preheated air throughout the room helped alleviate worries about the windows letting in the coldness. Air flows back to the fur- nace via a cold-air return situated near the highest point. "It's actually connected to their heating and cooling system with a heat exchanger," Selby notes. "at really helps the room [feel] a lot more cozy on a winter's night, with all the glass in there. at heats the room up, and we wanted to recycle that warm air into the [rest of the] house as well." A local concrete artist cast each section of the custom fireplace surround and brought them to the jobsite for assembly. He poured the concrete vertically so that people could see "the story" of the pour, Selby says. Unfortunately, the artist had to make a lot of castings to attain just the right mix of concrete for layering. e integration of metal within the area generates a striking comparison. "We wanted to let materials speak for themselves, so that natural concrete look was desirable and kind of a contrast to the greenness and natural views out the win- dow," Selby explains. "It's a little bit of an industrial look. We recycled old cedar from the room so the ceiling has a natural look to it, which complements the outdoors even though there are some industrial elements [in] the space." A new 35-foot wall of birch doors conceals interior shelving that displays an extensive collection of ethnic art pieces. e three sets of double doors line up perfect- ly despite being installed in the existing space with an uneven floor. e desire to create a vibrant backdrop for A 35-foot wall of birch doors conceals interior shelving that displays art objects. The floor-to- ceiling windows and a corner extension now provide dramatic outdoor views. A wood-burning fireplace serves as the focal point of the living room and injects heat throughout the residence. PROJECTS: Design Solutions 28 May 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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