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FEB 2018

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it's never the same thing. at's how I begin the design, with analyzing all of those factors and just saying what is the most important feature?" he explains. "Working with these clients, for me, it was really his input into how he wanted the house to have a strong presence from the exterior. [While] it doesn't stop at the outside because they had some big spaces [inside] that interconnect and things like that, I would say the most important feature for us to begin was the strength of the roofline from the exterior." While this Chappaqua, New York, project was many years in the making because of the economic downturn and other general life occurrences for the clients, the uch like projects and companies, a design philosophy often evolves over time, and Daniel Contelmo of Daniel Contelmo Architects in Poughkeepsie, New York, says his designs often start with a single element. "We talk about trying to capture the essence of a project, the essence of a client's personality or the surroundings when you look at the project from a bird's- eye-view or from a larger distance—and just [ask] what single element is the most important piece of this puzzle? And it could be the relationship between two people; it could be the houses that flank [the home]; it could be the tree in the front yard; so from project to project M QualifiedRemodeler.com QR February 2018 25

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