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JUN 2017

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spirited explanation that shows you aren't just brushing them off. Compliment them on the quality of their information. Assure them you will follow up—and be sure you do. High 'S' Steadiness Styles are sel- dom loud and argumentative. They may appear submissive, hesitant or even apolo- getic. Worse, they may not even complain openly but just internalize their dissatisfac- tion and then take their business elsewhere. If you suspect a problem, you may need to draw them out. High S's (whether employee or customer) dislike conflict; they wish this whole problem would go away, sometimes even if it's not necessarily settled in their favor. High S's will be made most comfortable if you: ¡ Make them feel, by calling and explaining, that they're doing the right thing ¡ Examine the crisis from their perspective (let them know you're taking notes) ¡ Assure them the process will be beneficial to them ¡ Demonstrate that you're committed to working with them and saving the relationship. The behavior of the "S" in this situation is often described as diffident and may not be taken seriously, or can be settled with mere lip service. However, they're just as upset as ¡ A belief that a positive outcome can be achieved. Don't assert your authority and argue with the High D's. They won't listen and may reassert their position even more aggressively. High 'I' Influence Styles with a com- plaint are often overeager and impulsive. They might say, "I need this settled imme- diately," despite your logical explanation of why a complex situation can't possibly be cleared that rapidly. They may respond in verbal attack, or they may come across as manipulative, perhaps saying, "I wonder if a letter to your owner or Yelp would improve your attitude?" Under stress, their primary response may be to disregard the facts and anything you say. But you can address their needs by giv- ing them: ¡ Personal attention, asking questions and probing for background information ¡ Affirm their position: "You are helping me to understand" ¡ Lots of verbal acknowledgement: "I see this has you upset" ¡ Assurance that their conversation is ben- eficial and useful. It is important not to let the High I's ha- rangue you. Try to give them a quick-paced, High D's; they just express it in a much more low-key manner. High 'C' Conscientious Styles won't carp or cajole like High D's or High I's; they also won't be submissive. Their com- plaints may have a sharper edge to them than the High S's. High C's tend to recite the chronology of events, often from their notes. They will re- cite the litany of errors made. They provide data and documentation and get quite in- volved in the details of the snafu. Here's how you can lessen tension with complaining High C's: ¡ Acknowledge their factual documentation ¡ Identify in the process what went wrong ¡ Cite appreciation for it being brought to your attention ¡ Confirm their contact—by email—and follow up promptly. You may see them as compulsives (hung up on the process and on showing they're right) versus getting the problem resolved. If you want to retain their busi- ness or loyalty, deal with them precisely and systematically. So, look at your complaints as opportu- nities to show how much you really care about your customer. In fact, studies show that customers who feel a business has re- sponded to their complaints are more likely than noncomplainers to do business again. They actually become more loyal than if the problem never happened. Thus, out of problem solving comes a business reward. n A positive attitude toward service means that each contact —even a conflict or complaint— is an opportunity that may never come again. Dr. Tony Alessandra has authored 30-plus books and is a renowned authority on understanding the behavior of others. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of defining human behavior to increase performance. To access a FREE recording which includes Dr. Tony Alessandra speaking on the topic, "The Solutions to Hiring the Right Salespeople & Avoiding the Wrong Ones," visit tinyurl.com/solutions-to-hiring. QualifiedRemodeler.com QR June 2017 | SPECIAL SECTION: HOME IMPROVEMENT PRO 53

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