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years," Lee says. "But this year we've added another finish option. A cou- ple of years ago we came up with a textured finish, and new this spring is one with an extra textured finish. If there is a need for added slip re- sistance, this does have a little bit of slip resistance. It also covers over cracks. If there are any little gouges and things, this product will fill and bridge those cracks and provide a very uni- form and easy feel on the foot." Paints and coatings are continually being improved and specialized to make your job easier and your clients happier. It is worth extra due diligence to find the exact coatings solutions to suit your specific jobs. | Sherwin-Williams announced a new cool- deck enhancement to is 3-year-old line, Super Deck. "is will actually keep the surface of the deck 25 degrees cooler than if you were not using a 'Cool Feel' color," Winter says. And like many of the enhance- ments mentioned in this article, there is no added cost to the consumer for Cool Feel, he notes. Behr's Lee has noticed an interesting change in the deck coatings market. Industry wide, he sees that oil-based solutions are no longer losing share; in some cases, oil-based solu- tions are gaining share. Where water-based seal- ants and coatings tend to crack and peel, oil-based solutions tend to simply wear down, and if oil- based products are used consistently, there is a re- duced need for prep work. You can simply lay down a new layer on top of the previous layer, he ex- plains. In general, Lee sees a trend toward resurfacing old wood decks that are 15 to 20 years old. Behr's key product in this category is called DeckOver. "DeckOver has now been out about three an improved formula was released so it is suitable for garage floors and driveways—it can now stand up to the grip and pressure of tires. Behr also released upgrades to a separate product for concrete called Concrete Dye. Where other "etched stains" have been utilized on con- crete for many years and have helped make concrete a popular design look, Concrete Dye tends to be more pre- dictable and easier to apply, Lee notes. Concrete stains react with the differ- ing acidity levels in the substrate to create unique patterns, like a thumb print. Sometimes those patterns are not what the designer or the homeowner intended, but there is little that can be done to alter the pattern once it is set. With Concrete Dye "you can be 98 percent sure you know what you are going to get," Lee says. PPG now offers an enhancement to its concrete coatings line, Perma-Crete. It is called Perma-Crete Pitt-Flex Elastomeric, Burroughs notes. e product is designed to combat issues with differing acidity levels in concrete and masonry substrates—the same acid that causes dye etchings to vary. Another masonry coating under the Kilz brand (owned by Behr) offers similar benefits. "is product is being launched to be re- sistant to very high PH levels," Burroughs says. "It can be applied within seven days [of curing], so it is appropriate for the pro to be able to get into and out of a project quickly. For example, you can patch the surface and paint within seven days." A WORD ABOUT WOODS AND DECKS PPG is in the process of merging with rival Akzo Nobel, but it had previously acquired the popular Sikkens line of stains and seal- ants. at is why when you are looking for Sikkens this year you may notice new brand- ing. It is now PPG ProLuxe as part of its transition to PPG, Burroughs says. She notes the name change also comes with enhance- ments to the product line in terms of overall durability and UV protection. Indeed, several coatings makers have stepped up their stains, coats and sealants to keep up with the trend toward more natural wood in outdoor living and exterior cladding applications. Each of the major coatings companies offers loyalty programs. Increasingly they are backed by mobile and web-based apps dedicated to registered pro customers. QualifiedRemodeler.com QR June 2017 45 For more info circle 54

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