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JUN 2017

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In 2017, the most notable new offering from Behr is a specialty coating called Granite Grip. "It is an interior or exterior water-based coating, and the primary purpose is to hide and cover cracks in concrete," Lee says. "In addition, this is a thicker coating. It is very decorative and unique. e name Granite Grip implies what the product looks like. It has a small pebble look that mimics granite." e product launched in 2016 with 18 different colors and was intended to add a no-slip benefit to concrete surfaces on steps and near pools. is spring Also on the quick-hide side of the ledger is an enhanced ceiling paint from Sherwin- Williams called Eminence. Ceiling paint seldom gets special attention, but the proper paint up top can make a big difference, Winter notes. is paint is enhanced to better resist mildew. It has improved hide and coverage. Hiding is important because older ceilings are prone to cracks, while newer gypsum ceilings may bow. e new Eminence is designed to minimize the visual impact of these imper- fections, Winter explains. NEW OR ENHANCED SPECIALTY COATINGS Behr paints is well known for its long-stand- ing relationship with e Home Depot. It made its mark in the business years ago with a patented color-match system, Behr's Tom Lee notes, but over the years it has expanded the breadth of its product offering to include a vari- ety of specialty paints and coatings. BEHR's DeckOver coating is designed to seal cracks and gaps, bringing new life to old decks. Deck resurfacing is a growing job type. Granite Grip offers a no-slip granite look to walkways and steps. Recently, BEHR upped the formulation to hold up to the stresses of driveways and garage floors. Circle 7 on inquiry card 42 June 2017 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com PRODUCT TRENDS: Paints & Coatings

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