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AUG 2016

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between the membrane and building surface through which air or water could penetrate. "You can think about it as blocking off the entrance; we're essentially producing a skin." EmeraldCoat is the foundation product for the company's StoGuard system. Additional offerings meet air and moisture protection needs around cracks, rough openings and sheathing joints. According to StoGuard product manager Lauren May, the variety of liquid-, fabric- and caulk-style products gives remodelers a range of options to meet any project's specific needs. "When you look at the components, they're all kind of mix-and-match," she says. "ere are a lot of opportunities to create your own system, based on the needs of your remodel." TAPING MADE EASY e folks at Dow Building Solutions are pleased to point out that addressing build- ing-envelope concerns isn't a new effort for their company. In fact, as Brian Lieburn, a research scientist and residential applications development leader, notes, the company has been a pioneer in the field for many decades. "We just celebrated 75 years of Styrofoam rigid insulation," he says. "ere are very few building products that have been around for 75 years." Of course, the company has continued to expand its product lineup since first bringing Styrofoam to market. Most recently, Lieburn says, it has been focusing on managing bulk-water infiltration and recently intro- duced LiquidArmor-CM, which β€” following the same trend evidenced by GCP's Vycor NV and Sto's EmeraldCoat β€” brings fluidized application to a new use. In this case, the brush-, roller- or spray-applied flashing and sealant takes the place of tape. "We're seeing big success with this prod- uct," he says, noting this elastomeric sealant benefitted from four to five years of research, along with testing in pilot roll-out in limited markets. "On the residential and remodeling side it has some very useful features." Among these advantages, LiquidArmor- CM can be used to seal gaps up to ΒΌ-in. with one or two passes, and it works more easily with rough or uneven surfaces than tape. It also self-seals around nails and other penetrations. | construction. Its EmeraldCoat vapor-perme- able membrane addresses both concerns. e liquid-applied product can be installed using a simple paint roller and brush (or a spray system), and it's compatible with just about any substrate, including brick and concrete masonry units. "Liquid-applied barriers can go on over all those materials β€” we won't ask you to take off the brick at all, and it's easier to install because it goes on as a paint," he says. And as a fluid-applied product, EmeraldCoat ad- heres directly to a substrate, leaving no gaps LIQUID SATISFACTION Ease of installation is a key driver for Sto Corp., when it thinks about bringing new products to market, according to John Chamberlain, the company's director of busi- ness development. "For us, simplicity is something we're look- ing for with the changes in the labor force," he says. "We're trying to accommodate a less- skilled labor force." And, especially important for remodelers, the company also is interested in meeting the needs of existing buildings, not just new DOW's LiquidArmor is a fluid-applied product that dries to form a fully adhered flashing membrane. Cladding installers can rest assured that the material also will self-seal around subsequent penetrations by nails, screws and other mechanical fasteners. Circle 15 on inquiry card 90 August 2016 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com PRODUCT TRENDS: Building Envelope

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