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AUG 2016

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Over the years, our techniques and mea- surement methods have been used by the med- ical profession, dentists, ophthalmologists, civil engineers, those who design and sell elec- tronic products, and those selling complicated insurance or investment products. Face it — all of the above need to find those individuals who can deliver product information to others on a credible, sensitive, rapport-building level that the customer accepts. QR: So you don't deny the technical qual- ifications required? DAVE: Beyond the quality and technical support of your product or service, you need someone who will present your product to homeowners, understanding the misinfor- mation they may be dealing with, under- standing the competition they may face and understanding comments such as "we're getting other prices," "we'll get back to you," and "we never make a decision without con- sulting with _ _ _." Face it — these statements represent the reality of what your efficient techni- cian may be incapable of dealing with. So, we humbly bow to your desire to have an honest, integrity-laden person who cites the facts without exaggeration. However, you also need someone who can bring in enough business to cover the high cost of marketing your services. A reminder: What are your needs? If this includes someone to work with customers to increase your revenue and profitability and your current methods are not doing that, then at the very least examine the need for change in your recruiting and hiring practices. not meet the criteria, you can politely thank them for their time on the phone, saying you will turn this over to the person conducting the interview and if there is interest they will be called. QR: The following question was proposed by a reader: We are a remodeling compa- ny. We find it difficult to attract the person who fits "design and build," and also has acceptable nonpressure selling skills. DAVE: To be clear with my answer, you could substitute remodeling company with HVAC, roofing, insulation, cabinet facing or water conditioning. Whatever the specialty of your company, in all these cases, questions come to us indicating these companies feel they are so different from other companies who offer products or services to homeown- ers they should be treated differently. This is a sad and often costly error. Yes, the design and build company needs some- one who understands design, code, structur- al and other forms of "know how" that goes into delivering the product. QR: Therefore, do you believe this ques- tion implies a misunderstanding? DAVE: What most of these questioners overlook in their recruiting and hiring are the skills needed to uncover the customer's value system; moreover, understand the cus- tomer's buying habits. You also confuse what you perceive and sometimes is high-pressure sales tactics. On that, we agree. But, in these statements, you deny the premise of sound sales communication skills. QR: In your recent article in QR magazine, you emphasized a high need for more pro- fessional skills when hiring, training and managing those who are actually present- ing (hopefully selling) home improvement/ remodeling contracts to consumers. You also conducted two webinars about the same subject matter and, as an outgrowth, questions were raised. DAVE: We subscribe to the theory that the interviewing process for many organiza- tions is flawed. This theory is supported by statistics that indicate selections are often made without supporting information, which would identify otherwise hidden skills and knowledge about those applying for sales positions. The most important consideration is how the person fits the position as well as the policies and programs of the organization. QR: You stress the benefit of a script- ed and practiced interviewing process, which occurs when an applicant responds to a posted job opportunity by phone. What are your prime objectives in a phone interview that occurs prior to a face-to- face interview? DAVE: The prime objective is to determine whether the person on the phone meets the criteria you believe is important for a face- to-face interview. There are specific ques- tions that will enable you to determine if an interview with this person "makes sense." Your interview should be scripted and the answers you receive catalogued. If during the interview you determine this person does Hiring the Right Person & Avoiding the Wrong Ones Part 2 — An interview with Dave Yoho By Dave Yoho 78 SPECIAL SECTION: HOME IMPROVEMENT PRO | August 2016 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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