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looking for a complete room," Brown says. See the "Owner Components" chart on p. 52 for what homeowners con- sider the key elements in an overall living space. "People want to feel like this is a planned space and not just a patio with a bunch of stuf on it," Brown continues. "It's very obvious to us that this is not just about an outdoor kitchen. Tis is about outdoor living, as evidenced by the fact the consumers have a lot more than just a kitchen outdoors. Tere are high incidences of swimming pools and hot tubs. Inside the house, they have heated garages and wine cellars. Tese are the people who appreciate fne moments and making those moments more special than they ordinarily would be through amenities in the home." Succinctly put: "Te biggest a-ha moment from the study that a contractor should understand is the outdoor kitchen is an experience while the indoor kitchen is just a room. Te outdoor kitchen is not only a functional space; it's a fun space." (See the chart "Usage Situations" on p. 51 to see more about what consumers use their outdoor areas for the most.) It's also a well-used space. More than 70 percent of re- spondents indicate they use their outdoor kitchen multiple times each week, further substantiating the high median 8 out of 10 satisfaction rate in this type of project. Tat satisfaction rate also translates into the potential for better recommendations from satisfed past clients. 1. IT'S AN UPSC ALE HOMEOWNER — Optimize marketing/media based on a client aged 35 to 64, with a household income more than $150,000 and a home larger than 3,000 sq. ft. 2. T H E Y H AV E M O R E T H A N A N O U T D O O R K I TC H E N O U T D O O R S — Plan and sell the kitchen in the context of the homeowner's activities 3. O U T D O O R K I TC H E N S A R E US E D S E V E R A L T I M E S E AC H W E E K — Emphasize the frequency of the enjoyment they'll realize 4. O N E'S A N E X PE RI E N CE ( T H E O U T DO O R KITC H E N ) ; T H E OT H E R'S A RO O M ( T H E I N D O O R KITC H E N ) — Understand their desired social/usage scenarios and design around them 5. T H E Y WA N T A S PAC E T H AT IS E X PA N DA B L E — Understand what they want in the future and develop a phased plan 6. THERE ARE KE Y COMPONENTS THAT MAKE THEM FALL IN LOV E — Include the features we know people love for installation now or in a future phase 7. O U T D O O R E X P E R I E N C E/ E X P E RT IS E IS C R I T I C A L — Acquire or partner with experienced people. Don't over-emphasize indoor expertise 8. T H E Y'R E C AU T I O US A B O U T B U D G E T A N D P RO C E SS — Clearly lay out budget details, specific construction steps and timeliness, and the frequency of use 9. T H E R E A R E OW N E R S W H O W IS H T H E Y H A D D O N E S O M E T H I N G S D I F F E R E N T LY — Include adequate seating, storage and a roof/canopy in the design 10. T H E Y E N D U P S AT IS FI E D — Develop a referral program that benefits the prospect via the owner AT A GLANCE: Top 10 Observations and Opportunities Source: Indoor vs. Outdoor kitchens, How and why consumers buy. Conducted by Hoffman York, 2014 REGRETS* Cabinets for storage/ More storage space Better seating Roof or canopy to block out the sun Easier access between outdoor and indoor kitchen Plumbing/sink with running water for easier cleanup Spend more Fountain Pool None of these Spend less Use a different contractor Other UNIQUENESS What is loved most about outdoor experiences is what is most unique. Fountains, freplaces, pools, built-in grills and pizza ovens are the top fve favorite elements. "Tese things are demonstrative of uniqueness amongst consum- ers and what they want in that space to have the ultimate experience," Brown says. "Consumers take a lot of pride in the experiences in their outdoor kitchens." Keeping in mind the craving for uniqueness, remod- elers should fnd out what a consumer's ultimate dream is. "When homeowners invite people, over they want to have something be the most memorable thing for them and their guests [such as a pizza oven, which is the No. 1 item homeowners wish they had in their outdoor space, followed by a stove and a built-in grill]," Brown says. "A remodeler should think about what type of special memorable experiences can be made. Tere will be key components that make them fall in love. Include those components now or in a subsequent phase." | *©2015 H-Y Connect QualifiedRemodeler.com QR September 2015 53

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