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AUG 2015

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gain insight into homeowner needs as well as areas that are critical to a contractor's succes and then fgure out how to translate that insight into something that can help contractors in their business. For example, homeowners said they felt more comfortable doing business with a contractor who pro- vided a professional-looking estimate, so we created an app to help contractors provide a professional looking estimate, which is our Pro Roof Estimator app." Altogether the company ofers six residen- tial apps: GAF Virtual Home Remodeler, Colors, Videos, Pro Roof Estimator, Sales Pro and Tips for Pros. Te company has two the GAF Certifed Contractor Program — which includes GAF Certifed and GAF Master Elite Contractors — and promotes its both within marketing materials and on its website. Website users can search for GAF Factory-Certifed Contractors in their area by ZIP code, which Franklin says helps connect those contractors with good leads. | try to diferentiate is with the app technology we provide contractors and remodelers to help them improve their business, and so we have several apps that are available on Apple and Android devices," Franklin says. "We conduct market surveys and research to form of its PAC-App. "We have an app with all of our fashing details on it for each of our profles, so that's immediately available wher- ever someone has a smartphone," Petersen says. GAF takes a diferent approach to creating the apps it ofers to remodelers. "One way we E A G L E V I E W T E C H N O L O G Y C O R P. CEO and President Chris Barrow lists two key incentives for using his company's product, which provides very detailed and accurate diagrams listing all the information needed in regards to the measurements and dimensions of a roof and/or building. The first incentive, from a sales perspective, is that the person responsible for in-house meetings with client's can actually interact with the client during the meeting rather than spend it climbing on the roof or walking around the house to take stock of the situation, allowing him or her to put in less time at the house for the meeting overall and spending all of that time face-to-face with the customers. From a project management perspective, EagleView's provided dimensions allow the remodeler or con- tractor to be very precise when ordering the necessary materials because of the accuracy of the measurements. Training for the product is very minimal because one of the company's goals was to make EagleView technology very simple and intuitive to use. Barrow explains that training is available through EagleView University, though more of the offerings focus on helping businesses become more efficient, using the tools to increase close rates, and increasing the accuracy and profitability of businesses. Most of EagleView's customers create accounts on the company's website and then order their product straight from them. "We do have relationships with a lot of different man- ufacturers, different product distributors, and so forth," Barrow says. "For convenience, those contractors have access to our product through those distribution channels as well, but it's mostly in line with different recogni- tion and incentive programs those distributors might have." The company is conscientious about wanting to continue to add value to its products with every advancement and relationship. One leap the company made was to expand from measuring roofs to also providing the ability to measure the walls and sides of buildings and homes for windows and doors. Even more recent is a relationship with ABC Supply, which takes the EagleView report created on a jobsite, feeds it into a system designed by EagleView specifically for ABC Supply, and breaks the report down into the specific materials needed to repair or replace the materials on a job. According to Barrow, those materials can then be ordered directly from the ABC Supply store of a user's choice to either be picked up or delivered out to a jobsite. "We try to eliminate as much of the manual heavy lifting, if you will, from what the contractors do. So the most manual of all the things we've eliminated is that guy getting up on a roof with a ladder and a tape measure," he says. "After you'd measured with a ladder and tape measure, you had all these dimensions you'd have to break down into specific materials you need to replace, what those materials cost, how to mark them up and do your own math to calculate the labor compo- nent. So the ability to break that all down, and take as much of the man- ual calculation and let the software do it is a very innovative step that we're very excited about." | EagleView Technologies PLY GEM ROOFING Engineered Slate is formed from an Integrated Slate Polymer and is designed with recessed nail flanges built into the shingle, requiring no additional framing support for installation. Circle 43 on inquiry card QualifiedRemodeler.com QR August 2015 63

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