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AUG 2015

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primary decision-making criteria for home- owners, so GAF has enhanced the colors for its Timberline American Harvest line and launched its Premium Color Blends, incor- porating the latest granule colors across its Lifetime Designer Shingle Collection. Franklin describes the company's process for creating colors to appeal to homeowners as following trends without being slaves to them. "In discussions with color experts, we've seen, for example, that blue is a color that is very on-trend. But a particular shade of blue that may be trendy today might not be trendy tomorrow, and because your roof has longevity you want a roof color that will be timely now and in the future," she explains. "So we create blends incorporating blue and complementary colors to come up with a more refned, long-lasting shingle color that would be applicable to many of our diferent shingles styles and diferent home styles." Because of advancements within the roofng category in terms of colors and styles available, homeowners may be giving roofng selections more consideration when thinking about their whole exterior. Ply Gem Roofng's DeRagatis sees "personalization as a key trend. Te roof has become part of the home's exterior, which may sound odd, but up until the last few years the roof was treated as a secondary decision. chart seven or eight years ago to boost its solar refectivity. Petersen adds that metal roofng maintains its refective qualities for a very long time because it is highly resistant to weathering. CertainTeed Roofng's Pecora anticipates cool roofng regulations will spread quickly, so CertainTeed is focusing on providing op- tions for homeowners. "Te focus is on cool roofs, and this leads to the market pushing for colors that meet these requirements in terms of asphalt shingles," he says. "Considering CertainTeed just introduced a line of solar refective shingles with Presidio and we're ex- panding our product line, we're going to work on this and bring the market a full range of designs and colors that are going to be compli- ant with the California codes and also Hawaii. "In my opinion, this is going to expand and expand fast to the rest of the country, especial- ly in the climate zones that are similar. Tis is something defnitely afecting the market, homeowners and contractors," he continues. COLOR AND AESTHETICS Cool roofng colors and solar refectivity may be the priority for roofng manufactur- ers, but all of them recognize their products still need to appeal to homeowners. GAF's Franklin points out color remains one of the efciency of the roofng system, because the heat gain reduction provided by an efcient roofng system will provide energy savings for the lifetime of the roof. Kratz with Boral Roofng echoes the im- portance of a roof 's capability to stand up to time and the elements. "Te roof is exposed to the worst elements in the climate and is a critical barrier for the home in terms of opti- mizing energy efciency. It's very helpful for energy efciency to have a roofng material that creates more of a barrier between the heat of the sun and the decking material," she says. "We call our clay tile our sustainability rock star. Tere are few things more sustain- able than clay. It has a high recycled content, it's naturally refective, and we achieved the very prestigious and difcult to achieve cra- dle-to-cradle rating that takes into consider- ation the full life cycle of the product." While product life cycle and energy ef- ciency may be growing concerns for home- owners, the reality is cool roofs may become a requirement for remodelers and contractors before consumer preference catches up due to regulations like California's Title 24 Building Energy Efciency Standards. Some manu- facturers saw cool roofng changes and re- quirements coming, like Petersen Aluminum Corp., who orchestrated a change in its color CERTAINTEED enters the metal roofing market with its Presidio Metal Roofing. Designed to replicate the appearance of slate, clay tile and wood shake roofing, the roofing panels have overlaps to conceal the joints and provide a seamless appearance. Circle 40 on inquiry card BORAL ROOFING launches its Gemstone Collection in six color blends, all derived from earthy Southwestern hues. The collection of concrete roofing tile provides durability, protection from inclement weather and energy efficiency. Circle 39 on inquiry card PRODUCT TRENDS: Roofing 60 August 2015 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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