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JUL 2019

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Van Hoosen is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and understands the impor- tance of volunteering and plans to align her passion of working in the residential field while giving back to the community. "I believe it is important for me to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired to an important cause in helping others," Van Hoosen explains. "The experience I gain while volunteering along with the con- nections I make in the residential industry play a considerable contribution to my future career." ćĞĨĖýħĚĞĩĚģŽĚġęĞĨ attending Minnesota State University – Moorhead and will be re- cieving her degree in Construction Manage- ment. She spent four years working as an assistant at Climate Engineered Structures and also had the opportunity to compete in the Associated Schools of Construction þĤĢĢĚħĘĞĖġþĤĢĥĚĩĞĩĞĤģýħĚĞĩĚģŽĚġęĞĨĖ member of the NAWIC and is passionate about urban revitalization and transform- ing buildings through well-planned and well-executed remodeling projects. "I think it would be amazing to work in residential home restoration and remodel- ĞģĜŤ ýħĚĞĩĚģŽĚġę ĚĭĥġĖĞģĨ ţĄ ĪģęĚħĨĩĖģę that the housing market is changing as our stock of housing is aging, and younger home- buyers are looking for unique architectural styles and smaller spaces closer to city cen- ters than previous generations." Rhett Cox is a freshman at Clemson University. He will be receiving his degree in Construction Science and Management and minoring in business. Cox has made the Dean's List and is a member of the Associated General Contractors of America. He has been very passionate about playing baseball, has coaching ex- perience, and volunteered on Appalachia's Mission team and A l l - A m e r i c a n Athletes. Cox plans to enter the con- struction field and to make big impacts on the industry and own his own business. The National R e m o d e l i n g Foundation's schol- arship application deadline is February 15 each year. The award amount varies dependent on the in- dividual's application and their chosen edu- cation program. Those who are not granted a scholarship are encouraged to reapply the next year for consideration. To learn more about the program, go to nationalremodelingfoundation.org. Industry Overview President signs Executive Order addressing housing aordability Greg Ugalde, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders and a home- builder and developer from Torrington, Connecticut, attended the June 25 signing ceremony at the White House and issued ĩĝĚ ěĤġġĤĬĞģĜ ĨĩĖĩĚĢĚģĩ ĖƁĚħ ċħĚĨĞęĚģĩ Trump signed his executive order on hous- ĞģĜĖŻĤħęĖėĞġĞĩĮ "NAHB applauds President Trump for making housing a top national priority. With ĝĤĪĨĞģĜĖŻĤħęĖėĞġĞĩĮģĚĖħĖ"!ÇĮĚĖħġĤĬĩĝĚ president's executive order on this critical issue underscores that the White House is ready to take a leading role to help resolve ĩĝĚģĖĩĞĤģšĨĖŻĤħęĖėĞġĞĩĮĘħĞĨĞĨ "Given that homeownership historically has been part of the American dream and a primary source of wealth for most American households, the need to tackle ongoing af- fordability concerns is especially urgent. As we celebrate National Homeownership Month, we must ensure that homeowner- ship remains in reach for younger and future generations. This can be achieved by provid- ĞģĜĖĘĘĚĨĨĩĤĖŻĤħęĖėġĚħĚģĩĖġĝĤĪĨĞģĜĖģę growing the inventory of for-sale housing, particularly at the entry level. Lisa Breiteneld Rhett Cox IN BRIEF 10 July 2019 QualifiedRemodeler.com For more info circle 53 DOORS & DRAWERS, YOUR WAY Helping you do what you do best 1-800-233-0289 www.keystonewood.com Cabinet Doors | Drawer Fronts | Drawer Boxes | Moulding Face Frames | Turnings | Valances | Wainscot FSC-C041349 | e Mark of Responsible Forestry | www.fsc.org Most Keystone products are available FSC® certi ed.

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