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JUN 2019

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Hardy Frame Cold-Formed Steel Moments Frame and Z4 Tie-Down System MITEK 's Hardy Frame Cold-Formed Steel Moments Frame offers high lateral load resistance in narrow spaces around window or door openings; pre-engi- neered designs are available in 12-, 15-, 18- and 21-in. widths. Additionally, the Z4 Tie-Down System trans- fers uplift tension forces in multistory buildings that result from earthquake and wind loading down to their foundations and to eliminate additional struc- tural damage caused by loose connections in the floor framing. | Circle 121 on inquiry card Knock Video Doorbell NUTONE Knock Video Doorbell allows homeowners to see and speak to visitors via a smartphone or tablet. Designed to work with existing doorbell wiring, the video doorbell is tested from -22 F to 122 F. Additional features include motion detection technology that alerts of any movements; night vision camera that allows for clear picture in any low light condition; and quiet hours option that can silence the door chime. | Circle 122 on inquiry card Everlast Advanced Composite Siding Everlast Advanced Composite Siding by CHELSEA BUILDING PRODUCTS matches the refined look and color of original cedar while remaining impervious to harsh climates, including hail, sunlight and sub-zero temperatures. Because it contains no organic material, it will not swell, rot, bow or be attacked by wood-boring insects. The siding is lightweight, easy to cut, water-resistant, and will not need repainting due to color being inherent in its composition. Circle 117 on inquiry card Safe'n'Sound Stone Wool Insulation ROCKWOOL Safe'n'Sound stone wool insulation reduces airflow and sound transmissions between rooms due to its non-directional structure and denser content. Ideal for interior wall partitions of residential wood and steel stud construction as well as floor and ceiling applications, the insulation does not rot or promote the growth of fungi or mildew; is easily cuttable; and does not promote the spread of fire. Circle 123 on inquiry card HIT Solar Panels Whether new construction or a renovation, PANASONIC 's HIT solar panels, backed by a 25-year warranty, offer homeowners peace-of-mind and include a water drainage system that gives rain, water and snow melt a place to go. Advanced bifacial cells on the N330 and N325 panels utilize sunlight reflected back from the rear side material, while heterojunction technology uses ultra-thin amorphous sili- con layers to reduce losses. | Circle 124 on inquiry card Sensei Tankless Water Heater The Next-Generation Sensei Tankless Water Heater from RINNAI allows for easier and more flexible installation with a total of 14 vent configurations, a 65-ft. vent run with 2-in. PVC, and simplified gas conversion. Designed to self-compensate in areas with low or fluctuating gas pressure to optimize its performance, the tankless water heater also has improved service- ability and incorporates the use of stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers. Circle 120 on inquiry card Glacier Collection and DC Collection Glacier (top) from WETSTYLE is an ADA- compliant zero-threshold shower collection with an integrated hidden drain. It pairs well with the company's ADA-compliant foldable wall-mount- ed shower bench. The company's DC Collection (bottom) offers a low-threshold design in a range of shower sizes and configuration possibilities. WETMAR BiO composite materials—used for both Glacier and DC Collections—can be repaired, will not flex or bend with weight, and provides a nonslip surface. Circle 119 on inquiry card FrameFAST System The FASTENMASTER FrameFAST System is made of a screw and driver tool that gives a structure a continuous load path when all the connections are made. It can make connections between truss and top plate, stud to bottom plate, and plate to rim on down. Achieving code compliance in the U.S. and Canada, use the structural framing system for common trusses, girder trusses and vaulted ceilings. Circle 118 on inquiry card REMODELERS' CHOICE 100 36 June 2019 QualifiedRemodeler.com

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