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Tough Guys Speak Up Patrick L. O'Toole some cases they move up to illicit fentanyl and even heroin. Our story this month, reported and written by senior editor Kyle Clapham, was initially thought too cumbersome or too over-covered in the general media for our team to tackle and make a meaningful im- pact. But we gave it a go anyway and came away with some clear, actionable steps re- modelers can take to limit the impact on their businesses and, more importantly, help troubled employees. In the process, we learned the broad- er construction industry has taken notice. Education programs to spot and combat opioid abuse have been creat- ed at many state and local levels. It appears the inherent desire to "tough it out" as well as the fear of negative re- percussions, like being ŽħĚęĝĖīĚĠĚĥĩĢĤĨĩĨĞ- lent instead of reaching out for help. The bottom line is, on top of every- thing else a remodel- ing company owner needs to manage, con- trolled-substance abuse needs to be viewed sympathetically, otherwise the problem will stay in the shadows. Our story this month ĤŻĚħĨĠĚĮĨĩĚĥĨĖĘĤĢĥĖģĮĤĬģĚħĘĖģĩĖĠĚ to address the issue in his or her ranks. The ĞģęĪĨĩħĮĞĨŽġġĚęĬĞĩĝĩĤĪĜĝĢĚģĖģęĬĤĢĚģ who are dealing with chronic pain, and we don't want to see them get snared by widely available opioids. THE OPIOID CRISIS in the U.S.—however it got started, whomever is to blame—is taking an untold toll on the remodeling industry. Here's how: An addicted employee is fre- quently late or absent on the job, disrupting your schedule. Or an addicted employee is making mistakes and not in step with your ĩĚĖĢýĪĩĩĝĚĨĚĖħĚĞģĚƄĘĞĚģĘĞĚĨĩĝĖĩĘĤĪġę be associated with any number of substances, namely cannabis and alcohol. With opioids ĩĝĚ ęĞŻĚħĚģĘĚ ĞĨ ĩĝĚ ģĪĢėĚħ Ĥě ěĖĩĖġĞĩĞĚĨ Nobody wants to talk about them, but they are happening nonetheless. I recently heard the story of a 58-year-old contractor who "died in ĝĞĨĨġĚĚĥĖƁĚħĝĖģĜĞģĜ drywall most of the day. It was a tragedy that was initially thought to be a heart attack or natural causes; only ġĖĩĚħĖƁĚħĖģĖĪĩĤĥĨĮ was the real culprit re- vealed: an overdose of opioids. Then there is the story, mentioned in our feature this month, of two young construction industry apprentices who overdosed before they even had a chance of joining the indus- try and living a happy and productive life. Why is the opioid problem particularly acute in our industry? Because our indus- ĩħĮĞĨŽġġĚęĬĞĩĝĥĚĤĥġĚĬĞĩĝĘĝħĤģĞĘĞģğĪħĞĚĨ ĖģęĖƇĞĘĩĞĤģĨĖĘĘĪĢĪġĖĩĚęĤīĚħĖġĞěĚĩĞĢĚ of hard work. Easy access to oxycodone and other pain medications over the last 20 years have put that large group of injured, but not yet retired, residential construction professionals at risk. They get on the pain medication ladder and keep upping the dose until one day they die in their sleep. Or in EDUCATION PROGRAMS TO SPOT AND COMBAT OPIOID ABUSE HAVE BEEN CREATED AT MANY STATE AND LOCAL LEVELS. EDITORIAL DIRECTOR'S NOTE 6 May 2019 QualifiedRemodeler.com A preferred publication of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the NAHB Remodelers Published by SOLA Group, Inc. 1880 Oak Ave., Suite 350 Evanston, IL 60201 847.4 40.3000 Publisher and Patrick L. O'Toole Editorial Director Patrick@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 103 Senior Editor Kyle Clapham Kyle@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 107 Managing Editor Kacey Larsen Kacey@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 105 Contributing Editor Chuck Ross Audience Development Mike Serino Mike@SOLAbrands.com Creative & Production Director Tracy Hegg Tracy@SOLAbrands.com Senior Graphic Designer Erika Nygaard Erika@SOLAbrands.com Editorial Advisory Board Stephen Gidley, GMB, CAPS, CGP, CGB, CGR, CPRC, CR Jeffrey Holloway, CKD, CBD, CGR Michael Nagel, CGR, CAPS Scott R. Sevon, CGR, CAPS, GMB, CGP, GMR Donna Shirey, CGR, CAPS, CGP Kenneth P. Skowronski, CR Publisher/ Paul DeGrandis West Sales Manager Paul@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 100 Midwest Sales Manager David Ayala David@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 119 Midwest Sales Manager Zach Stenberg Zach@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 115 Northeast Sales Manager Dan Miklosz DanM@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 118 Southeast Sales Manager Dan Agostinacchio Dan@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 101 National Automotive Sales Tom Lutzke TLutzke@ACBusinessMedia.com Product Showcase Mike Serino Mike@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 102 Digital Programs Manager Tim Steingraber Tim@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 106 Projects Manager Heidi Riedl Heidi@SOLAbrands.com Ext. 111 Subscriptions QR Circulation Dept. (866) 932-5904 QualifiedRemodeler@omeda.com

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