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MAY 2019

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When a slate roof on an impressive residence in Sheboygan, Wis., failed after only six years, it was Petersen's Redi-Roof panels that came to the rescue. "We removed 72 tons of slate," said installer Steve Billmann, president RI$UFKLWHFWXUDO5RRƮQJ 6KHHW0HWDO in Sheboygan. "The slate was swelling and pulled itself right out of the nails. We ended up removing the entire roof." Approximately 14,000 sq. ft. of Petersen's PAC-CLAD Redi-Roof panels were installed. The 24-gauge SDQHOVZHUHƮQLVKHGLQ'DUN%URQ]HDQG fabricated at Petersen's headquarters in (ON*URYH9LOODJH,OOp5HGL5RRIKDVEHHQ in the Petersen line for a long time and FRQWUDFWRUVOLNHLWEHFDXVHLWoVHDV\WR install," said Chris Donegan, Petersen's :LVFRQVLQ0LFKLJDQVDOHVUHSp7KH RƬ VHWSURƮOHSUHVHQWVDQLFHORRNDQG can help alleviate potential oil canning, particularly on 18-in. panels depending on color and pitch." The owners of the residence initially wanted to replace the slate with a metal shingled roof, Billmann said. "But ,FRQYLQFHGWKHPWRJRZLWKWKH5HGL 5RRI,WROGWKHPn,oYHEHHQSXWWLQJ Petersen on for 30-plus years and it's the only way to go.' After we got done, WKHRZQHUWKDQNHGPHIRUWDONLQJWKHP LQWRLW3HWHUVHQLVDOO,HYHUXVHq The roof design was somewhat complex but presented no major challenges to Billmann and his crew. "We do a lot of FXVWRPZRUNq%LOOPDQQVDLG7KHJXWWHUV ZHUHIDEULFDWHGIURP3$&&/$'ưDW sheets. The Petersen distributor on the project ZDV0LOZDXNHH,QVXODWLRQLQ%XWOHU:LV Petersen manufactures PAC-CLAD metal cladding products in multiple gauges of steel and aluminum. PAC-CLAD products include standing-seam roof panels, hidden- and exposed-fastener wall panels, ưXVKSDQHOVVRƱWSDQHOVSHUIRUDWHG metal, fascia and coping systems, composite panels, column covers, FRLODQGưDWVKHHW$OODUHDYDLODEOHLQ IXOO39')ƮQLVK.\QDULQ standard colors that include a 30-year ƮQLVKZDUUDQW\0RVWFRORUVPHHW/((' Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating &RXQFLOFHUWLƮFDWLRQUHTXLUHPHQWV )RXQGHGLQ3HWHUVHQoVIDFLOLWLHV DUHORFDWHGLQ,OOLQRLV*HRUJLD7H[DV 0DU\ODQG0LQQHVRWDDQG$UL]RQD )RULQIRUPDWLRQRQWKHFRPSOHWHOLQHRI Petersen metal products call 800-PAC- CLAD, visit pac-clad.com or write to info@pac-clad.com. Photos © Scott Bell Case Study 6KHER\JDQ:, Residence Metal panels save home's roof after slate failure For more info circle 71 A D V E R T O R I A L

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