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Going Virtual While there are options of using a smartphone device and VR glasses rather than springing for a VR headset, here are a few additional details on headsets that can be utilized with the design software mentioned here. The VIVE BUSINESS EDITION VR SYSTEM, authorized for business or professional use, includes a professional use license, commer- cial warranty, exible deployment and ded- icated phone line support. Created to scale with a business' requirements, the VIVE BE delivers an exceptional experience in seated, standing and even multi-user, room-scale en- vironments through SteamVR Tracking technol- ogy. The VIVE headset features a Deluxe Audio Strap with integrated on-ear headphones and comfort padding. Hard-sided construction simplies putting on and taking o the headset as well as improves its weight distribution. A 16-ft. extension kit, included with the VR system, provides greater exibility in a space setup since it means 32 more feet of cable length. The VIVE Pro headset has a 24 percent increase in face gasket surface area and features a dual-OLED display that ensures graphics, text and textures appear crisp and clear. Advantage or Advantage+ are required; each oers varying degrees of protection, support and device management. Learn more by visiting enterprise.vive.com/us/BE/. The OCULUS PLATFORM regularly evolves its software and features, such as the upcoming launch of the Oculus Rift S headset. The headset uses Oculus Insight, a state-of-the-art computer vision technology that enables inside-out tracking via sensors in the headset itself. Rift S, the next-generation of the Rift headset, features improved optics and a higher-resolution display, plus a redesigned halo headband. Its advanced hardware works with Oculus software innovations for smooth use on a wide range of PCs. Oculus for Business, an enterprise solution, will launch in the fall with the hope of streamlining and expanding VR in the workplace. It will entail a "dedicated software suite of- fering device setup and management tools, enterprise-grade service and support, and a new user experience customized for business use cases," the company reports. Learn more by visiting oculusforbusiness.com. Chief Architect This architectural home design software provides views of 360-degree images created within its design platform using VR Goggles or a web viewer; these 360- degree panoramas can also be embedded onto a website using the Chief Architect 360° Viewer. The company oers its own Chief Architect VR Goggles. These Cardboard goggles pair with a smartphone to provide a VR experience when viewing 360-degree panoramic renderings. Additionally, the Chief Architect 3D Viewer oers both a web app and mobile app to view interactive virtual reality models on a phone, table or webpage. Available for both Apple and Android devices, the free 3D Viewer app includes Sojourn 3D Virtual Reality Navigation Controls, available when in the Room mode. These controls provide the ability to "walk through" the model, a gyro camera for free-form viewing, and dynamic camera height while in a y mode. To export a 3D Viewer model, software must be Chief Architect Premier or Interiors, 18.3 or new- er; exporting a model from Home Designer requires version 2019 or newer. Two VR headset models, HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift, are supported for use with the company's software. To run virtual reality in Chief Architect—using Chief Architect Premier and/or Interiors—a computer must meet both the company's system requirements as well as those of the VR headset, particularly for the graphics card. Steam, a game and software distribution program, also must be installed and SteamVR Setup has to run so the headset runs through it. For instructions on using the Chief Architect 3D Viewer, visit chiefarchitect.com/ products/3d-viewer/. QualifiedRemodeler.com May 2019 23

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