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MAY 2019

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A D V E R T O R I A L NEW PROJECT IDEA Exterior Upgrade Project to Improve Aesthetics EVER WALK THE EXTERIOR OF A CUSTOMER'S HOME AND NOTICE SOMETHING THAT JUST WASN'T QUITE RIGHT? Next time you're at a customer's house - whether to install a deck or perhaps finish up an interior project - take a few minutes and look around their home. Pretend it's your own personal home - what could look bet- ter? See anything that makes you cringe? Pay attention: something that catches your prac- ticed eye might be the added value project that sets you apart from the competition. Where should you look? Think upgrades, value, and safety. Upgrades are the small things that make a difference - the little projects homeowners like to show off. Value and safety speak for themselves: on-time and under-budget makes everyone happy, and safety is the bottom line of everything you do. One way to check all three boxes at the same time? The exterior wall vent. Old-style wall vents are often made of plastic that fails over time due to the ele- ments. Some may be made of light metal that can easily dent and become inoperative. Both types of vents can make an inviting place for animals to build nests. Such nests, or unsightly buildup due to deformities, can create lint blow back which is a fire hazard. The solution? The DryerWallVent from InOvate Dryer Products. Manufactured of powder-coated, heavy-gauge galvanized steel, the DryerWallVent offers an attractive low profile that blends in with the exterior. A lightweight damper and wide, clean opening increase airflow efficiency, while balanced magnets and bumpers create a nice, clean, closing operation when air flow ceases. BE THE HERO FOR HOME IMPROVEMENTS The best news? The DryerWallVent is a breeze to retrofit. See for yourself at DryerWallVent.com, and be sure to check out the video documenting one successful installation at 3 minutes and 15 seconds! The value your customer will place on your ingenuity, the improvement to exterior aesthetics, and the improvement to airflow efficiency with a vent cover that will last as long as the home gives you another opportu- nity to be the hero for home improvements. The DryerWallVent is made in the U.S.A. by the people who brought you the Dryerbox, and exceeds demanding building code and manufacturer requirements for dryer venting. Built for the long haul with clean lines and a smooth finish, the product delivers on the company slogan that "venting never looked so good." Looking for an energy efficiency bonus? The improved airflow gained by replacing a restrictive vent will result in shorter drying times. This means money saved on power bills and reduced appliance wear and tear for your customer. Next time you walk a job site, remember: Upgrades, value, and safety. Raising the bar on any one of these is a great way to earn bonus points with customers. Combining all three of them together makes you a remod- eling genius. For detailed information on what installing the DryerWallVent can do for your customer, please call 1-888-443-7937 or check out online resources at dryerwallvent.com. BEFORE AFTER Plastic vents deteriorate in the sun. TM For more info circle 65

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