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MAR 2019

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the air. Integrated throughout the surface of a shin- gle, the roofing granules have been designed with a specialized photocatalytic coating applied to the base material. The coating blends inconspicuously with various shingles. "When sunlight hits the shingles containing the smog-reducing granules, radicals are generated and transform nitrogen oxide gases into water-sol- uble ions, improving air quality," the company says in a press release announcing the inclusion of smog reducers. "For the average-sized home and roof, the total smog-reducing capability of the shingles is equivalent to more than two trees." Highlander NEX shingles also feature 3M cool roofing granules, which reflect solar rays to cool the roof and the home. Malarkey now offers NEX polymer modified asphalt in all of its roofing shin- gles—executing a plan to upcycle materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. NEX uses upcycled material to extract valuable polymers that help improve shingle performance. "On an average-sized home, with a roof of roughly 3,000 square feet (30 roofing squares), that is covered in Malarkey roofing shingles with NEX polymer modified asphalt, the upcycled content is equivalent to more than five rubber tires and [over] 350 plastic milk jugs," the com- pany notes. "We are in a critical position to improve our products' sustainability [both] for our customers and the health of the planet," says Rich Robbins, vice president of sales for Malarkey. "At our scale of production, we can make a demonstrable im- pact. For instance, each ton of upcycled material prevents 7.5 cubic yards of material [as well as] several barrels of oil from entering the landfill." NEX polymer modified asphalt also shows ex- treme flexibility and responsiveness to tempera- ture fluctuations, allowing the roofing granules to remain embedded in shingles over time. To help remodelers learn its products and instal- lation requirements, Malarkey runs a Certified Residential Contractor program, which offers enhanced warranties to members who install full roof systems. for thermal expansion and contraction while pro- viding extraordinary hold-down strength. "Snap-Clad can be installed over substrates such as plywood, nailboard insulation, metal deck- ing [and] rigid insulation," he notes. "A minimum 2:12 pitch is recommended in most applications." Petersen invests significant resources into the testing all of its PAC-CLAD metal roof products to assure architects and contractors around the coun- try that its products will meet the requirements of their building. Snap-Clad roof panels meet multiple ASTM standards; they have also passed UL upliƁ tests, earned approvals from Miami- Dade building codes and the Texas Department of Insurance, and received an ICC ES evaluation report to verify their compliance, Heselbarth says. "A metal roof installed correctly can last 40 or 50 years, and Petersen roofs carry a 30-year finish warranty against fading and chalking," he contin- ues. "Also, homeowners might choose metal roofs because of their resistance to extreme weather such as hurricanes. A few of our PAC-CLAD roof panels have survived intact [following hurricane] winds of more than 150 mph." The properties of metal combined with the solar reflectivity of the PAC-CLAD paint coating can reduce the cost of heating and cooling a home as well. PAC-CLAD comes in 29 colors rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council and 31 colors rated by Energy Star. Its coating technology reflects sun- light and cools a roof by emitting radiation, saving up to 40 percent of a home's energy costs. "As the importance of sustainability continues to grow with homeowners, standing seam metal roofing will remain the ideal platform for attach- ing solar panels," Heselbarth explains. "With the proper attachment system, solar panels can be in- stalled on the standing seam without puncturing the roof material. Installing solar panels on other roof material requires the roof to be punctured." Innovative Ideas Malarkey Roofing Products enhanced its Highlander NEX roofing shingles with 3M's smog-reducing granules, which help remove nitrogen oxides from MALARKEY ROOFING integrates the Highlander NEX shingle (at right and shown above in Silverwood) with 3M smog-reducing granules that use sunlight to help improve air quality. Circle 11 on inquiry card GAF TimberCrest Premium SBS- Modified Ridge Cap Shingles are designed with a rounded bullnose leading edge for a distinct look and are an eligible component for residential warranties. Circle 12 on inquiry card PRODUCT TRENDS 48 March 2019 QualifiedRemodeler.com

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