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MAR 2019

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longer, and they want to feel good about the length of the protection [in regard to] one of their biggest home improvement investments." TAMKO recently moved to a lifetime limited warranty in response to the expectation to provide longer coverage for consumers when they purchase a new roof, he explains. The company works with Hover and Renoworks on digital tools and apps that allow homeowners to see how different prod- ucts, colors and brands can tie together to create visual appeal on the exterior of their house. "Contractors are recognizing the trend toward homeowner engagement in the process and using these tools to help lower barriers during the sell- ing process, [which makes] closing the sale easier and faster while improving customer satisfaction," Wells says. "Some of the tools even calculate spe- cific measurements, material lists and project bids. Homeowners find it impressive and it can save the contractor time. "I don't see revolutionary changes coming to the roofing industry but, rather, evolutionary," he continues. "As the country sees an increase in destructive weather events, we will continue to develop new processes and materials tested to in- dustry standards. [If you] combine diverse product offerings that enable homeowners to show their personality and style with long-term warranty coverage, consumers are more willing to invest in the perfect shingle for their home." Impactful Inputs CertainTeed plans to roll out its luxury metal roof- ing line, Matterhorn Metal Roofing, in Canada af- ter the first quarter of this year, says Alex Pecora, director of product management, CertainTeed roofing division. The lightweight, recyclable metal panel roofing system replicates the look and charm of real wood shake, quarried slate and barrel tile roofing. A patented painted and coating system offers a hyper-realistic palette that includes a va- riety of cool roof color options, he adds. "It is engineered using a deep-drawn steel man- ufacturing process that makes it stronger than typi- cal steel, offering Class 4 impact resistance, Class A fire resistance and a 130-mph wind rating," Pecora explains. "Roofs built with Matterhorn have a life expectancy of more than 50 years, allowing it to have one of the strongest warranties in the industry and making it highly suitable for harsh winters and high-wind environments. Due to its longevity and protective characteristics, Matterhorn roofing oƁen qualifies for substantial home insurance discounts." NorthGate, a styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified asphalt shingle, provides more impact protection than a typical asphalt shingle, he says. Rubber-like polymers enhance weatherability and give the product superior impact performance. NorthGate looks like a standard architectural as- phalt shingle and installs just as easily, but offers enhanced resistance to cracking, tearing and sur- face granule loss, Pecora notes. It usually qualifies for homeowners' insurance discounts too. "As storms have become more extreme and frequent, we're seeing a rising demand for im- pact-resistant roofing materials," he continues. "CertainTeed has responded by offering more roofing products with Class 4 impact resistance— the highest rating available. This includes the NorthGate SBS-modified asphalt shingle, which is uniquely adapted to areas with frequent adverse weather conditions." Belmont, a luxury asphalt shingle offering, uti- lizes layered construction and a blended coloration to emulate the classic look of natural slate without CERTAINTEED introduces its Mat- terhorn Metal Roofing (top) in Canada this year, and the company also offers Belmont (middle), a SBS-modified asphalt shingle, as well as NorthGate (bottom), a luxury asphalt shingle offering, says Alex Pecora, director of product management, roofing division. Circle 7 on inquiry card QualifiedRemodeler.com March 2019 45

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