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MAR 2019

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OVER the past 40 years, my company has been challenged to apply the E-Myth model I created to more than 100,000 small businesses throughout the world—every kind of small business, ranging from hi-tech, low- tech and no-tech businesses. In that time, we've helped businesses that were successful, but not enough so, and businesses that were not successful and suffering daily. We've also helped businesses that were a walk- ing disaster—hoping upon hope that something lucky would walk in the door, knowing all the time that it wouldn't or couldn't because they wouldn't know what to do with it even if it did. In every single case, the problem standing in the way of the business's success had nothing to do with what everyone thought it to be. It wasn't because they didn't know how to sell better than the guy next door. It wasn't because they didn't have enough capital to keep the wolves from the door. It wasn't because they didn't know how to manage, to market, to handle their money. Oh, yes, it was all of those things. But fixing any one of them wouldn't help, no matter how productive the fix was in the moment. No, the problem of every single small business we walked into over those 40 years of providing the E-Myth solution where we could was one very clear thing, demonstrably clear, in every single case, every single time. It was the owner of the business who stood in the way. It was the owner of the business, struggling as most are, who failed to understand what differentiates great growing companies from all the rest. It's the owner who fails to understand the role he or she must play every single day, without fail. It's the Role We Call 'The Entrepreneur' If you've read my book, The E-Myth Revisited, you understand what I mean when I say "the en- trepreneur." He or she is the creator. The "imag- ineer" as Walt Disney called his folks at Disney Imagineering. The imagineer sees the world through completely different eyes than that guy or lady I call "the technician suffering from an en- trepreneurial seizure." That guy or lady who sets out to create a business of their own—the typical contractor, whether a remodeler, an architect, a framer, a plumber, an electrician, et al. An entrepreneur lives above the work that needs to be done, lives above the business that does it. An entrepreneur sees the entirety of the company as a plan view—the whole of it, from the beginning to the very end. An entrepreneur sees the whole of his or her company as though it were a product, which it is when you look at it that way, a product to be ultimately sold. Your company, I'm saying—you who are reading this commentary right now—is/must be/will inevi- tably be acquired by somebody else. That somebody will see it as an exquisite opportunity to grow, to scale, to profit from, to explore. Unfortunately, only an infinitesimal number of the tens upon tens of thousands of small businesses we've worked with over the years were ever open to what I'm sharing with you right now. But those that did: 1-800-GOT-JUNK, by Brian Scudamore is close to $500 million strong! BNI, by Dr. Ivan Misner, is now worldwide in 175 countries! Engine, by Ron Miller, is generating capital for thousands of small companies. InfusionsoƁ, by Clate Mask, is over $100 million and on its way to a billion strong! Each and every one of them was built upon a single point of view, the E-Myth point of view. A small businesses must be envisaged by its en- trepreneur as a scalable enterprise, from the very beginning as a company of one, to the very end as a company of 1,000. Yes, I'm speaking about your company, no matter where you are or what you do. There's a phenomenal mindset which must be Transformational Growth With the E-Myth Vision A look at a proven method for making a quantum-leap change in your home remodeling business. by Michael E. Gerber AN ENTREPRENEUR SEES THE ENTIRETY OF THE COMPANY AS A PLAN VIEW—THE WHOLE OF IT, FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE VERY END. ENTREPRENEURSHIP 26 March 2019 QualifiedRemodeler.com

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