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MAR 2019

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How Rapid Roofing Doubled Their Sales Terry Satterthwaite at Rapid Roofing had decided it was time to move away from hand measuring properties. His company, a favored exterior contracting business in Southern Michigan, depended on measur- ing remote properties in densely vegetated areas where aerial imagery tools proved to fall short time and time again. A year ago, Terry tested HOVER which uses ground level smartphone photos to ren- der a 3D model and a robust suite of measure- ment outputs. Not only was he able to capture incredibly accurate measurements for these homes, he discovered that the platform had a much more profound impact on his business than just saving time measuring. Being a visionary and trusted company, Rapid Roofing began showing homeowners HOVER's precise and interactive outputs. "[Today's homeowners] do a lot of online research," said Terry. "They know how much their remodeling project is expected to cost before they meet any contractor. Companies that don't adjust their selling technique to accommodate the informed buyer will soon be the dinosaurs in our industry. By giving homeowners insight into the measurements, we can prove that we have nothing to hide." Now, Rapid Roofing's entire sales team is HOVERing every residential lead. After a short meeting with the homeowner where images of the property are captured, the rep informs the lead that they will return with an accurate and interactive 3D model of their home. "I have never met homeowners who are not excited at the prospect of receiving a 3D model of their house that they can use to design their dream home," said Terry. "The additional value of the 3D model instantly puts us ahead of all other contractors they were previously considering." After adopting HOVER into the sales pro- cess, Terry saw his close rate for residential siding jobs skyrocket from 30% to 75%. He now no longer sells siding without using the platform. "HOVER allows me to invite home- owners to shop together rather than shoving something down their throat... Homeowners see exactly what they want and then they easily hand over a check." The 3D model also helps Terry explain step by step how his team will execute the work, especially for large, complex jobs. "It's not easy to convince homeowners to pay $80,000 for something that they will never see until the project is completed. HOVER has been very powerful in closing these deals." You can HOVER your first property for free by downloading the HOVER 3D app. For more information about how HOVER can boost your business, visit www.hover.to, email support@hover.to, or call 844-754-6837. GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND DEPENDABLE MEASUREMENTS WITH HOVER " HOVER has changed our business in profound ways. The company doubled its sales this year, and I went from selling $1M per year to $1.7M." Terry Satterthwaite — Inspections Manager at Rapid Roofing A D V E R T O R I A L CASE STUDY For more info circle 70

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