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FEB 2019

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In the end, though, what remodelers really want is satisfied customers. Window-replacement proj- ects, Marvin's Hanson explains, offer an oppor- tunity to give homeowners even more than what they expected. "Homeowners are writing a big check and hoping it goes well," he says. But remodelers who take the time to walk these customers through the full range of finish and functional options have a chance to turn what many consider a commodity upgrade into more significant work, he adds. "It's really an opportunity for homeowners to reimagine the space they live in." Andersen, this means packaging any needed fas- teners and sealants in with the window. Overall confidence in their suppliers is also a remodeler requirement, he adds. "I think a lot of remodelers are looking for someone who's a partner in the industry and a resource they can reach out to." Of course, confidence is a trait built over time, and being consistent in delivery practices is one way manufacturers can earn it, according to Windsor's Craigmile. "The biggest thing for them is on-time and complete," he says. "They're sched- uling crews so far out in advance that, if you miss shipments, it causes a lot of problems." The Next Big Thing Window replacements often come with a cor- responding upgrade in window coverings, and window manufacturers have begun making in- roads into that business as well. For example, Marvin and Andersen offer shades that mount unobtrusively into a window's sash or frame, and Pella offers a shade option installed between the two panes of an insulated glass unit. But what if you gain the privacy benefits of blinds or shades without need for any window coverings at all? This is the promise offered by electrochromic— or "smart"—glass, which is becoming more of a presence in other glazing applications. This glass features a coating that reacts to an electrical charge to darken or lighten. "So you just flip a switch and you don't have to have blinds," ex- plains Jeff Kibler, Weather Shield's architectural and commercial manager. Similar products have been used in interior com- mercial applications for a decade or so to allow added privacy to glass-walled offices and confer- ence rooms, for example. More recently, aircraft manufacturers have begun using the technology to eliminate window shades. Window-seat passen- gers of Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner now can find two-button controls instead of pull-down shades. And centralized window controls, paired with color -shifting LED lighting, allow flight crew to create night-like environments that can help passengers get some shut-eye during long-haul journeys. While the technology isn't yet offered for stan- dard replacement-window offerings, Kibler for one is hopeful it will be someday soon. "We've been waiting for it in our industry for a long time," he says. "We're hoping to see something we can get into our markets." WINDSOR WINDOWS & DOORS ' Revive Pocket Windows are designed for contractors, as well as home- owners, with ease of installation in mind. Using the exist- ing frame, these replacement products can be installed in about an hour each. They're available with a mix of frame materials. Circle 12 on inquiry card PRODUCT TRENDS 54 February 2019 QualifiedRemodeler.com

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