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Because he rarely constructs a full kitchen out- side in Iowa, Kaufman has to consider positioning the outdoor area "where it's close enough and pro- tected, but not having it where there's going to be a ventilation problem. Also, with the lack of a sink, having it adjacent to the kitchen or sink available inside, so they don't have to walk across the whole porch or through the entire house," he notes. Where to Cook In Texas, the primary question becomes what kind of grill that homeowners fancy once they opt for an outdoor kitchen, Hadden says. "What kind of special things can it do? Is it a rotisserie? Is there a smoking option? Do you want a separate Big Green Egg or some other brand of smoker? People are very interested in that sort of appliance," she notes. "A lot of grill manufacturers have also started supplying cabinetry and accessories that go along with the grill." Most of her clients gravitate toward brands that have been around for a long time, such as Wolf grills. But the Lynx product line, which features grills as well as cabinetry and other accessories, appeals to customers because the offerings can integrate with almost any appliance they pick out. "Typically, we do specify stainless steel finishes," Hadden explains. "We don't like to do wood cabin- etry outside, just because of the weather factor. We [prefer] using pre-manufactured units rather than doing custom stuff on-site. In terms of plumbing, we typically specify a stainless steel sink, and then we do have to be careful about the finishes that we specify for plumbing fixtures." Burch also noted that appliance manufacturers have expanded into outdoor kitchen accessories to complement their main products. The company utilizes items such as undercounter refrigerators, garbage bins and storage drawers, which tend to be stainless steel so that they match appliances. "There's a lot of stuff out there, and some of it is not as good as others," says Burch, who installs Lynx grills and Perlick products for almost every job. "You really need to make sure you research what product you're getting, and that it's going to work [outdoors]. Those [brands] are true and test- ed, and they're specifically designed for outdoor applications. They just work. You spend a little bit more on a product that's going to work, in the long run you're going to be a lot happier. "[You still need to] make sure that these out- door kitchens are set in the right area on your site. I think that's important," he continues. "It's great to have these kitchens, but if they're 300 yards away from the house, you're not going to use it. It [comes] down to being smart and making sure that when you do these projects that they're set up in an area where [the homeowner] will use it." BOWA recently completed a whole-house reno- vation that included a master suite, indoor kitchen and a covered outdoor pavilion. The home has a pool where the family spends most of their time in the summer and the owner enjoys grilling, so the remodeler built practically an entire kitchen outside. In fact, the client has hosted parties where the caterers have set up completely outdoors. "When you cover the area, it adds an element of cost because you have to do the ventilation and things that you would do in a normal kitchen," Burch explains. "It comes down to if the client is someone who's going to use it a lot, [as far as] whether I would guide them to do that versus just a grill and some stone outside that looks nice, but is only used a certain amount of time per year." When homeowners opt to cover their outdoor living area (top), BOWA takes care to confirm the proper ventilation. Often clients can downsize their grill (above) and generate space for other items, such as a smoker or pizza oven. Photos this page: Bob Narod Photography QR OUTDOORS 46 February 2019 QualifiedRemodeler.com

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