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FEB 2019

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still in the theoretical stages—is the potential use of robots and what that could mean for manual jobs. Green, as well, is paying close attention to the possibilities of robotics and what it could mean for System Pavers. "I think robotics are going to happen. There's a company in Australia that are about to launch their first prototype into the market. I've seen videos, and this is a brick-laying machine where, just to give you a little bit of a de- scription, essentially this machine can brick-lay the building of a house," he says. "You plug in AutoCad plans of the layout of the house, you might have bricks in different colors and all different textures, finishes and all of that is included in the plan. The soƁware reads all of that, you load in the palettes of material, then it's got this long arm like a crane and the machine takes bricks off of the palettes as needed for installation, and this machine actually puts down by brick by brick by brick. Well that same machine, if you can build that vertically you can certainly, in my world, do paving stones laid flat, and your AutoCad drawings could have all kinds of designs and patterns and features and all of that built-in. "If you're adopting the technology or leading with technology, and you're moving fast, this is great for saving you costs, saving you time, saving you money, creating a better customer journey and cre- ating all new kinds of brands," Green continues. "If you're not, you're going to get killed fast. It's going to get ugly—it's going to get really ugly. I think that's really the wake-up call for remodelers and design/ build firm folks. I think where you have originality and innovation you stand out, and for me that's always been the thing that drives business." a couple of manufacturers talking about, but I'm not sure that's as close. "Video conferencing and things that are just more convenient for people are going to become a necessity for us to be able to do," she continues. "I think of here locally, they advertise a lot that you can do video conferences with your doctor now, so you can just video chat with a doctor when you're feeling ill, and I think everything's going to move in that direction—particularly for home improve- ment. Our vice president of sales is working a lot on sales presentation app development. Now that's still very much this stage where we have a robust presentation app, [but] we're definitely thinking about the ways that the sales process, I think, inev- itably is going to change. I don't think the in-home consultation is going to die forever, but modifica- tions will have to be made." Chavez echoes Dewey, explaining, "That's the biggie—how the sales process is going to transform from knocking on the door and sitting down with somebody for a couple of hours to doing it elec- tronically in some manner." He also notes attending a presentation through an entrepreneurial program he participated in, and now mentors, at Stanford by the founder of reputation.com, discussing the growing access to people's personal data—such as "what kind of beer you drink, what kind of car you drive, you know, what kind of milk you buy, all those sorts of things, and apparently that's getting very, very detailed and in-depth. And my understanding is you can buy that kind of data in the marketplace now, and that's going to get ever more skin, I think." Another area Chavez observes gaining attention—even if it's Remodelers Recommend: Technology to Embrace CHIEF ARCHITECT Use the design soft- ware to bring projects to life using its auto- mated building tools. chiefarchitect.com COCONSTRUCT The project management software can be used internally as well as with vendors/subs and clients. co-construct.com FBR An example of what's to come, the Hadrian X robot recently completed its first build using bricks. fbr.com.au HOVER The platform converts photos of a home into a fully measured, 3D model for accurate estimates. hover.to RICOH Shoot photos and videos with the Theta SC 360-degree camera with a single click or an app. theta360.com SPECIAL REPORT 30 February 2019 QualifiedRemodeler.com

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