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JAN 2019

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sleep—that's how it got its name. Eventually as they build more, they would enclose that porch area and then do other additions to the house." AƁer conserving the core of the home, he cre- ated a formal entrance and gathering area that leads visitors straight into the old family room. To balance the new front porch, Wilson added a master suite on the side opposite of the original living room. Now when people pass on the street in front of the house, they can see a recessed entryway between the living room and the new master suite. Chief Addendum Because the structure lies outside any historic dis- trict, the owners were not required to submit the design plans to a local commission or association for review. They did invite the county historian out to the home, however, to walk him through the building and solicit his perspective. The man, who has a wealth of architectural information, became enamored with the fireplace, Wilson adds. Another unique element proved to be the spiral staircase in the original living room that leads up to a space on the second level. The narrow steps could not be built today using current standards, but workers were able to preserve them success- fully. Contractors also removed all the wallpaper applied by a previous owner within the existing family room to expose its authentic wood walls. "With any historic preservation project, that's always the most important goal: You want to try to repair and restore the existing roof, siding, struc- ture, foundation—things like that—[but] it's not always possible," Wilson explains. "Part of the chal- lenge is making those decisions. What things can [ top + left ] The kitchen remained in place but now has wider entrances and modern appliances, such as the stove in the existing stone fireplace. [ above ] The dining room used to be a 'dogtrot' that previous owners had enclosed at some point in the home's extensive history. QUALIFIEDREMODELER.COM QR JANUARY 2019 27

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