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DEC 2018

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"ese requirements attempt to replicate the most relevant 'real world' conditions ex- pected for the product type and the hazard, but may not address every possible scenario," he says. "MiTek looks beyond the required testing to test products for scenarios that are deemed critical to ensure the product's perfor- mance. To validate the product performance observed under physical testing and to look beyond the confines of the tests, MiTek puts its products through multiple alternative load- ing and detailing conditions with extensive use of FEM computer simulations." FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS FastenMaster pays close attention to the steel the company deploys, specifically the heat-treating and coating processes, to con- struct a durable and dependable fastener for use in extreme weather conditions, Dicaire says. e manufacturer tests all of its products in-house during development, followed by an accredited ANSI 17065 testing facility and a third-party quality control program. "It's unique to be a domestic manufacturer, where we can control the quality of our prod- ucts and all of the manufacturing processes— including the complex heat-treat requirements and stringent coatings," Dicaire explains. "We have also invested in an in-house research and development facility where we utilize high- tech testing equipment in our development of new and innovative products." In 2019, FastenMaster will launch a new head attachment for its FrameFAST System that allows an installer to make the stud-to- plate connection with a single screw—and without the need for a ladder—in order to establish a continuous load path quickly, ac- curately and safely, Dicaire notes. MiTek says multifamily residential con- struction would open up significant oppor- tunities and will be sorely needed to effectively reduce the dearth of housing in many areas of the country. Its new lateral-force-resisting products are designed to increase safety in multifamily buildings, Karns says. "To ensure public safety and reduce the economic impact of extreme weather, it is important that building products be able to perform under these conditions," he adds. "It is also important these products are able to endure the environmental conditions of the area, and for the expected life of the building, MITEK's Hardy Frame Cold-Formed Steel Moments Frame (top) offers high lateral load resistance in narrow spaces around window or door openings, while its Z4 Tie-Down System transfers uplift tension forces in multistory buildings that result from earthquake and wind loading down to their foundations. Circle 5 on inquiry card 36 December 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com PRODUCT TRENDS: Structural

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