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DEC 2018

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regional bike path. Bicyclists from 30 to 50 miles away who have seen his showroom from the bike path will call to pursue jobs. Meanwhile, Lantz' association work continues. In 2017, he was involved with NAHB Remodelers on a national level. But he soon took a break from national involvement to double down at the local level. He and a group of others established an NAHB Remodelers chapter in Richmond, with 30 members. It was a big achievement for Lantz, and it is a group that he intends to stay committed to for many years. e group's education calendar for the year has become crowded with national speakers and experts. Indeed, Lantz is one of those people who make vol- unteering look easy. In 2016, his company fixed a leaky roof and interior water damage for an elderly member of the community. Last year, he remodeled a bathroom for two teenage daughters in a family where the father had recently passed away from cancer. He tends to keep these projects quiet; they are not done to generate leads. "I tend to do these projects around the holidays because my ven- dors donate a majority of the materials. Around that time of the year, people are willing to do a little more." | building. To him, owning the building gives the business more stability. ey cannot be forced to move, and they can think longer term and make more investments in the showroom and signage. In 2018, Lantz will complete 50-plus jobs of various sizes. e company's average ticket for a kitchen or bath is in the $30,000 range. At one point, they accepted very large whole-house and room-addition projects, but they've found a sweet spot with kitchens and baths, Lantz notes. Demand in that segment remains strong, and they've found they can maintain more predictable construction timelines by doing so. "We have gotten more selective about what we want to do," Lantz says. "We were all over the place and we would do window replacements and whole-house siding jobs. What I've done now is pare that down to doing almost exclusively custom kitchens and baths, and we have shifted to a design/build remodel platform." e company gets paid for design agreements and uses CAD software to help clients visualize their spaces and facilitate selections. Like a lot of remodelers today, they are inundated with prospective clients who want a ball- park price—people who are shopping and kicking tires. Lantz is careful to avoid getting caught up in preparing time-consuming estimates for prospects who take those numbers elsewhere. Marketing for the company has evolved. e comput- er science background has given Lantz some additional insights into creating a website that generates leads for new business. e site has been supplied with content that helps educate consumers. ose who register to download a remodeling Q&A packet are entered into a CRM sys- tem, where the company carefully nurtures a relationship via a series of emails with helpful articles and ideas. Most of this now happens automatically in the background. Repeat and referral business are the top sources for Lantz, who as a football and basketball coach, and with years of construction experience, is well known in the community. But he also gets leads from the prominence of his location in town, jobsite signage and online adver- tising. One surprising source of leads has been a nearby Recent Winners: Remodeler of the Year 2018 — Leo Lantz, CGR, CAPS 2017 — Tom Ashley, CGR, CAPS 2016 — Michael Menn, AIA, CGR, CGP, CAPS 2015 — Greg Rehm, CGR, CAPS, CGP 2014 — Tim Ellis, CAPS, CGR, MCGP 2013 — Tim Swafford, CGR, CAPS, CGP 2012 — Robert Criner, GMR, CAPS, CGP 2011 — Mike Nagel, CGR, CAPS 2010 — Sherry Schwab, CGR, CAPS 2009 — Doug Sutton, CGR, CAPS 2008 — Jeff Hunt, CGR, GMB, CAPS, CGP 2007 — Bob Peterson, CGR, CAPS 2006 — Cindy Knutson-Lycholat, CGR 2005 — Bob Bell, CGR, CAPS 2004 — Randall Hall, CGR, CAPS 2002 — Don Novak, CGR, CKD, CGB 2001 — Mark Brick, CR 2000 — Bill Asdal, CGR Lantz and wife Janette have been married for 24 years. QualifiedRemodeler.com QR December 2018 25

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