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NOV 2018

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Low- and zero-threshold shower receptors and a frameless wall system featuring dynamic glass attract the most reader interest. The following product received the most pageviews in the past month on }ƚ±ĬĜĀåÚåĵŅÚåĬåųţÏŅĵ× NANAWALL SYSTEMS NanaWall WhiteOUT delivers an on-demand multifunc- tional visual privacy system within an individual panel frameless opening glass wall system. Using dynamic glass, the completely wireless system can transform from trans- lucent to white and back again via remote control; when in opaque mode, it can also be used as a whiteboard or projection screen for space e•ciency. Because the glass wall system has no stiles, there is no vertical interruption. Incorporated swing panels do not interrupt or interfere with the dynamic glass activation when used. When not in use, WhiteOUT panels can be stacked aside for exibility. €e system is compatible with NanaWall's RemoteSTACK features, so the individual sliding glass panels can be stored virtually anywhere—including closets, hidden parking bays and more. €e operable glass wall system can be used in commercial and residential projects. For more information, visit nanawall.com/products/ whiteout ŅųÏĜųÏĬåƑăŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚţ The following product received the most reader inquiries in the August issue of }ƚ±ĬĜĀåÚåĵŅÚåĬåų× WETSTYLE A di‰erentiator for Wetstyle is its WETMAR BiO composite materials used to fabricate all its bathtubs, sinks and shower trays. Made from a vegetable resin mixed with mineral stones, the material is a Green Good Design winner plus it can repaired, unlike porcelain or ceramic, if damaged on a jobsite or after installation. Because its tub walls and shower trays are usually 2 to 3 inches of WETMAR BiO material, a product will not ex or bend with weight. €e material is used in both the Glacier and DC Collections and provides a nonslip surface for the shower receptors. Glacier is an ADA-compliant zero-threshold shower collection with an in- tegrated hidden drain. €e Glacier shower tray is o‰ered in six sizes: 36 by 36 inches; 41 by 41 inches; 48 by 36 inches; 60 by 32 inches; 60 by 36 inches; and 60 by 41 inches. It pairs well with Wetstyle's ADA-compliant foldable wall-mounted shower bench. €e company's DC Collection o‰ers a low- threshold design in a range of shower sizes and conšguration possibilities. €e DC shower receptors do not require membrane or oor slope construction to save installation time and costs. Also, the collection's NC14 WETMAR BiO shampoo holder is a complement. Both collections present simple, clean forms with True High Gloss and Matte šnishes. For more information, visit wetstyle.ca/collections/products-showers ŅųÏĜųÏĬåƑĊŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚţ 60 November 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com PRODUCTS Remodelers' Choice

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