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NOV 2018

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drawer pulls and accessories for cabinets and furniture. e visit focused on the heart of the company, its many design accomplishments and new products that will soon hit the mar- ket. Heart showed through in the company's long history with more than a century of in- terior design trends, from art deco to mid- century modern. e head or business aspect must be tricky at a design-focused company like Belwith. It's the business of delivering beauty. It's one thing to create; it's another to sell what you create. ere is the initial idea, and then come re•nements and test- ing. It's a fascinating combi- nation of skills. Remodelers certainly must posses these to be successful as well. From Grand Rapids it was on to Cambridge, Massachusetts, for an economic overview of the remodeling market—the fall meeting of the Remodeling Futures Committee at Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies. e group, led by economist Kermit Baker, is composed of a wide range of industry participants who together re„ect the vibrancy of a $350 billion remodeling market. It is a meeting where re- modeling can be seen whole, with all of its very di‰erent segments viewed side-by-side. Much (but not all of it) is artistry and craft amounting to so many dollars. Remodeling is not just numbers. And it's not just craft and creativity. It's both. And it's what makes this industry great. So many craftsmen, designers and contractors create beauty and the impact—both craft and business—is huge. | often wonder how remodelers do it. I am not pandering here. But how do you create so much beauty and do it on a budget? To succeed in this busi- ness and to achieve any longevity, you need to be one part Mies van der Rohe and one part Jack Welch. If you don't have those attributes in some measure, it's hard to succeed. is is particularly true for design-build remodelers, as well as for contractors who focus on high-end jobs. A consistent theme in the pages of this magazine is the inherent tension between the craft and the bottom line. Many great carpenters rise up to be owners in this in- dustry without the "schema," as Shawn McCadden calls it, to run a pro•table business. ey've got to learn the business side. is is also true for other industries where beauty, craftsmanship and art lie at the center of the •nished product—theater, music, furniture, etc. I recently completed a •ve-day travel swing where both the head and heart of remodeling were fully on display. At FestoolConnect in Las Vegas, remodelers, •nish carpenters, furniture makers and DIYers „ocked to see, touch and try new advancements in saws, drill presses and other specialized tools. Among this group of pros and enthusiasts, there is a common love of per- fection—perfectly clean cuts, super •ne •nishes, etc. ere is a passion for the craft. But there is a head-driven aspect of investing in •ne tools: namely less re-work, better customer satisfaction. From Las Vegas I traveled to Grand Rapids, where a great American hardware manufactur- er, Belwith-Keeler, hosted a group of editors and designers to celebrate its 125th anniver- sary. e company makes high-end knobs, A Business of Design & Craft I It's one thing to create; it's another to sell what you create. 6 November 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com EDITORIAL DIRECTOR'S NOTE Patrick L. O'Toole A preferred publication of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the NAHB Remodelers Published by SOLA Group, Inc. ŏîîljk±ĩeƴåţØƚĜƋåƑălj )ƴ±ĺŸƋŅĺØFXƆljƗljŏ îĊƁţĊĊljţƑljljlj Publisher and {±ƋųĜÏĩXţkűŅŅĬå Editorial Director {±ƋųĜÏĩÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏljƑ Senior Editor Kyle Clapham UƼĬåÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏljƁ Managing Editor U±ÏåƼX±ųŸåĺ U±ÏåƼÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏljă Audience Development Donna Heuberger %Ņĺĺ±ÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ Creative Director & ų±ÏƼBåčč Production Manager ų±ÏƼÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ Senior Graphic Designer )ųĜĩ±cƼč±±ųÚ )ųĜĩ±ÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ Editorial Advisory Board ƋåŞĘåĺ:ĜÚĬåƼØ:aØe{Ø :{Ø:Ø:Ø{Ø IåüüųåƼBŅĬĬŅƵ±ƼØU%Ø%Ø: aĜÏʱåĬc±čåĬØ:Øe{ ÏŅƋƋţåƴŅĺØ:Øe{Ø :aØ:{Ø:a %Ņĺĺ±ĘĜųåƼØ:Øe{Ø:{ UåĺĺåƋĘ{ţĩŅƵųŅĺŸĩĜØ Midwest and West {±ƚĬ%å:ų±ĺÚĜŸ Sales Manager {±ƚĬÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏljlj Midwest Sales Manager I域Ĝϱ8ĜÚųŅÏĩĜ I域ĜϱÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏŏƁ Midwest Sales Manager ¬±ÏĘƋåĺÆåųč ¬±ÏĘÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏŏă Southeast Sales Manager Dan Agostinacchio %±ĺÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏljŏ Strategic Accounts Joanne Naylor IŅ±ĺĺåÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏŏĊ National Automotive ŅĵXƚƋDŽĩå Sales XƚƋDŽĩåÄACBƚŸĜĺ域aåÚĜ±ţÏŅĵ Product Showcase/ aĜĩååųĜĺŅ Classifieds aĜĩåÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏljƗ Digital Programs ĜĵƋåĜĺčų±Æåų Manager ĜĵÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏljƆ Projects Manager Heidi Riedl BåĜÚĜÄkXeÆų±ĺÚŸţÏŅĵ )ƻƋţŏŏŏ Subscriptions QR Circulation Dept. ŠîƆƆšŀƑƗěăŀljĊ }ƚ±ĬĜüĜåÚåĵŅÚåĬåųÄŅĵåÚ±ţÏŅĵ

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