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NOV 2018

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exterior door line. An acquisition six or seven years ago allowed the company to oer wood interior doors, but Paul Anderson, senior di- rector of product marketing for exterior doors and glass, explains that the company took the opportunity to ensure this wood entry door is designed right. "We've designed [the door] in a way that we're essentially sealing the glass, glass to wood, panel to wood, fac- tory-sealed every time. So we're bringing that [sealing process] in-house to make sure that we're solving that problem every time," he says. "If a person wants [a real wood door], they're going to go get the real thing, and for us that's what we were missing." Anderson notes the company is evaluating entry doors going bigger, taller and wider, and that is a potential area of interest for Masonite in the future. ‚e use of glass in doors is an area, especially for personalization, ranging from the size of the glass to the type of the glass as well as details like having grids. ‚ings like SDL bars and the company's warm edge spac- er may not seem important upfront when se- lecting the door, Morales adds, but ultimately make a dierence when it comes to the door's performance. "I think that people are wanting to make doors look like windows. ‚ey are wanting to bring the outdoors in," she says. "And that's when a Warm Glass Edge Spacer, how the door is made, matters. ‚ey're like, 'I invested in this product I want to see the view or what my children are doing in the pool or whatever.' ‚en it becomes important." Jeld-Wen's Jacobs echoes the heightened in- terest in glass within entry doors and notes the company will soon be introducing some new glass solutions. "‚e majority of our products are sold with glass or some amount of glass. We've seen trends away from standard decora- tive glass, [and] now we're thinking of it more geometric and simple designs," he says. "It's a focus on glass, on ‹nishing, on clean lines, and really the demands that are happening on the ‹berglass front. Our concentration right now is making sure we're on trend in terms of ‹nishes, in terms of colors, in terms of glass, and then the big thing that we are doing is to bring the whole system together. So something we're working on in coordination with our dis- tributors is to have a branded system that drives performance throughout the entire product." While homeowners will likely have dif- ferent priorities when selecting an entry arched top, continue to be popular for the company. Simpson Door Company oers its DoorMagination visualizer tool to help with the design process and have a visual of how a door would look on the front of a user's home. Loveless also recommends connecting with an authorized dealer who will have displays, product samples and, in many cases, design centers or showrooms in addition to being able to oer assistance at any point in the process. To further round out Masonite's entry door oerings, the company is launching a wood ideas typically," he says. "We are a wood-door manufacturer, and I think when people think wood they think traditional, but that hasn't been the case design-wise lately. What we're being asked to make is really contemporary, and so a lot of the design product development eorts are revolving around that." Another trend Loveless sees is homeown- ers' interest in dierent types of woods for their entry door, such as alder, ash and zebra wood. He also notes that expansive doors as well as those with a unique shape, like an SIMPSON DOOR COMPANY has seen interest in its custom door solutions grow in recent years. FÚ屟±ĺÚĜĺŸŞĜų±ƋĜŅĺĵ±ƼÏŅĵåüųŅĵŞĘŅƋŅěÏåĺƋųĜÏŸŅÏĜ±ĬĵåÚĜ±ØĬĜĩåFĺŸƋ±čų±ĵ±ĺÚ{ĜĺƋåųåŸƋØ notes Brad Loveless, marketing and product development manager. ĜųÏĬåŏljŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ 52 November 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com PRODUCT TRENDS: Entry Doors

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