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NOV 2018

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While steel and berglass doors may achieve a wood look, Simpson Door Company man- ufactures doors made out of wood (a small part of their business is also doors made out of MDF). Brad Loveless, marketing and product development manager, notes that the compa- ny's introduction of technologies, such as its Water Barrier Technology and the Nantucket Collection, make it so that a wood exterior door can be used in any setting. "I think it's important for a remodeler to know you don't have to sacrice the look you want to get the performance you want. …ere's no such thing anymore. I think there may have been some misconception in the past of 'Well, I don't have an overhang; [a door] is going to get big-time weather so I guess I can't get exactly the look I want.' And that's just not the case anymore. You can get something that looks beautiful, that's going to perform, and get it in the exact size and spec that you want," he says. "If people want to personalize their door, it has to be a wood door." CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Because custom doors are such a big part of Simpson Door Company's business—Loveless notes a "ip from more than 50 percent of its sales being from inventory stock with dis- tributors to now being driven by custom or- ders—the company is uniquely positioned to observe and react to trends. "We can build anything, so really we have our own trends lab, if you will, built into our business. …at becomes our pipeline of product development Heritage); however, its Legacy Steel entry door remains popular. "Over the last three, four, ve years, berglass is on the uptick; but when you look at it compared to our overall shares, you're still probably about 85 percent steel [and] 15 percent berglass," he explains. "People are looking to protect their families and trying to get through a door with 20-gauge steel security is a dižcult thing to do. …e other thing it's not just your typical six-panel steel doors anymore. You can get decorative glass, you can get textured steel that stains somewhat realistic to a wood door [so] you can have the look of wood but the durability, strength and security of steel." of, 'Are you happy with your style?' If their conversation is, 'Security is important to me, and I don't feel like my door is secure,' or 'I can see light around my entire [door] perim- eter, so what do I do now?' that's a di¡erent conversation. But both have pathways for us to really get down to the brass tacks of what Pella is able to provide. "We talk about safety, we talk about secu- rity and everything element outside, so real- ly interesting ways of thinking through how those pieces impact parts of the purchase de- cision," Willits continues. "We have research that tells us 76 percent of the time consumers say safety is on their mind when it comes to their homes, and for us that in turn in"uences how we're working on products—whether it be di¡erent locking features, upgrading lock details [or] Insynctive." …e Insynctive feature is integrated directly into an entry door, as well as windows, and o¡ers the peace-of-mind knowing whether a door is open or closed and locked or unlocked. Willits says a goal was to ensure Insynctive does not disturb the aesthetics of the door overall, so the sensor is placed above a lock block and Pella routes it directly into the door during the manufacturing process. An Insynctive app also recently launched. Wes Ley, ProVia product manager for entry and storm doors, makes a similar observa- tion regarding the growth of the company's berglass business. …e company o¡ers three berglass door series (Embarq, Signet and PELLAůŸcĜÏŅĬåĜĬĬĜƋŸØ±ŸŸŅÏĜ±ƋåŞųŅÚƚÏƋĵ±ĺ±čåųüŅųåĺƋųƼÚŅŅųŸØĺŅƋåŸ×ŮĘåƋųåĺÚŸĜĺŅƚų marketplace [are] a continuing push for size and access to light, customization and simplicity." ĘŅƵĺĜŸ±ĺíěüƋţeųÏĘĜƋåÏƋåųĜåŸƋƵŅěƋĘĜųÚĬĜčĘƋƵŅŅÚåĺƋųƼÚŅŅųţĜųÏĬåîŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ PROVIA continues to see growth and interest in both its steel and fiberglass door lines. Color, as shown on a Legacy Steel Door (above left), and finishes (shown above right on a Signet fiberglass door) are ways the company sees homeowners differentiate. ĜųÏĬåŀŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ QualifiedRemodeler.com QR November 2018 51

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