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NOV 2018

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During the design and selection process, many homeowners today look to social me- dia for ideas and inspiration they can apply to their own projects. Knowing this, several door manufacturers note this accessibility to products and imagery worldwide via platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz, may be a driving factor behind the interest in seek- ing customized entry doors. "With the prev- alence of home design TV shows and social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram that inspire homeowners to create a home that ts their personal style, homeowners are more design-savvy and creatively invested in their homes than ever before. Further, with the rise of technology, consumers have access to personalized information and products at their ngertips, literally, at all times," says Kyle Rhine, brand public relations and advertising specialist for ƒerma-Tru. "As a result, remod- elers are being asked to become more involved in style selection and customization. For man- ufacturers, this means providing product that can be tailored to the homeowner's vision, and Masonite, together with global trends fore- casting agency Stylus, similarly identi ed and previewed six 2019 Design Trends, which then are translated by "connecting doors to design." ƒe six trends are Live/Work, Rustic Luxury, Nordic Noir, Urban Country, Pretty + Calm and Mediterranean Escape. Lorena Morales, the creative, visual and content mar- keting director for Masonite, notes there are door trends that navigate within many of the identi ed trends. "What we've seen thrive is a transitional door that you can utilize from the inside to the outside. ƒe common thread that we see with this trend is versatility, the trend is uniqueness [and] the trend is products that are going to last," she says. "VistaGrande, o›ering tools and resources that help home- owners and building professionals collaborate on designing the entry door that ts the style and function they seek." To help on the "journey from inspiration to customization to visualization," Rhine adds, ƒerma-Tru provides resources such as its Architectural Home Styles Guide, Design Your Door tool and DoorWays App. In ad- dition, the company translated some of its in-depth market research into Expressions 2018, three key design trends that o›er inspiration to homeowners for their entry- way. ƒe three trends identi ed for 2018 are Casual Comfort, Bold Statements and Renewed Classics. THERMA-TRUųåüĬåÏƋŸƋĘ屟ƚ±ĬŅĵüŅųƋƋųåĺÚĜƋĜÚåĺƋĜüĜåÚĜĺƗljŏîƵĜƋĘĬ±ŸŸĜÏěų±üƋeĵåųĜϱĺ ƋƼĬåŅĬĬåÏƋĜŅĺʱĩåųěŸƋƼĬåÚŅŅųŸţŅ±ŸŸĜŸƋƵĜƋĘƋĘåŸåĬåÏƋĜŅĺŞųŅÏ域ØƋĘåĵ±ĺƚü±ÏƋƚųåųŅüüåųŸ resources such as its Design Your Door website tool. ĜųÏĬåăŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ MASONITE introduces six 2019 design trends with corresponding doors. Left is an example of the Live/Work trend, which tends toward modern exterior doors. Above is an example of the Nordic Noir trend, which features deep toned metal doors. ĜųÏĬåƆŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ QualifiedRemodeler.com QR November 2018 49

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