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NOV 2018

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In short, it's important to prioritize which products and how many to specify, says Lisa Parramore, a proj- ect designer at Harrell Remodeling in Mountain View, California. In recent years, the company has seen a spike in the number and scale of its outdoor living projects. "I ask a lot of questions about entertaining," Parramore explains. "And I ask what they want to see out their window in a scene, or if they care if it's dark outside. I tell them the negatives of not including landscape lighting. You can end up with dark areas or dark corners that look very much out of place. But on the other hand, if you overdo it, it can start to look like Las Vegas with too much light. So I try to balance the lighting so that it's de‡nitely going to serve the needs in places where you're entertaining. ˆen as you go out towards the edge of the property, a more scaled-down approach and maybe one LED ‡xture instead of a six. Bringing down the wattage the further away you get from the main outdoor living spaces is important." Parramore, along with the company's product specialist, Marian Carlomagno, act as a team when it comes time to design lighting for one of their many Northern California outdoor spaces. ˆe ‡rst step, they say, is to establish which lights will be high-voltage and which will be low voltage. High-voltage lighting circuits are typically run to a central location such as a dining area under a gazebo, or to a cov- ered pavilion that may require electricity for other needs. From there, two or three circuits are set aside for ambient lighting, especially in the dining area. A Harrell Remodeling project features a gas-supplied tabletop fire pit and high-voltage lighting. A trellis in this Harrell project is fitted with four sources of ambient lighting for the dining area. That same project from a different angle shows low- voltage landscape lighting and a gas firepit. Titus Built LLC added this screen porch as a transition to the pool. It features LEDs, skylights and a gas fireplace. A project from Harrell Remodeling features louvers, sconces and security lighting. Photo: Dean J Birinyi Photography Photo: Treve Johnson Photography Photo: Jennifer Donahue, 2018 Photo: Bernard Andre Photography QualifiedRemodeler.com QR November 2018 45

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