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NOV 2018

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FRONT DOOR the hidden spice cabinets on the side of the kitchen, neatly tucked away under the stairs. e ceiling was equal in challenge to the oor, necessitat- ing a load transfer when the load-bearing walls disappeared. For that purpose we used LVL beams and special PSL col- umns to transfer the load to the new column locations. One of these columns had to be supported by another column in the basement, which required opening the basement's concrete oor and adding a footing below that column. Since the clients were living in the house while the common area was being gutted down to the studs, we used a special air-•ltration machine to capture the dust from the demolition. We also put an additional •lter, which was replaced daily, over the return vent of the house's HVAC system to make sure the air and ducts stayed clean. Brunt-bearing challenges yielded rich results and re- wards, in the form of client and guest satisfaction and potential future business. Our clients have already hosted family and friends in their new common area, and it had the correct open ow for everyone to be engaged with each other. e guests were wowed by the renovation, and we've already gotten referrals from friends who have visited that house. | AHMAD KHRESHI obtained his bachelor's degree in business back in 1995. After years of working in the International Trade Finance and the corporate world, he decided to get his hands dirty and follow his passion, building, and he's been doing it for the ޱŸƋŎĂƤƼå±ųŸţ His eye for details, logical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills helped him create Home Perfection Contracting. The company hit the ground ųƚĺĺĜĺčƋĘųŅƚčʱŸĜĵŞĬåŞĘĜĬŅŸŅŞĘƼ×ĜĺƋåčųĜƋƼţƤBĜŸ ability to also connect with clients personally made his design suggestions award-winning, and his work became featured in the Washington Post and various remodeling magazines. Planning 10 steps ahead is his key for success. DN 3140SH DINING KITCHEN ENTRY LIVING UP UP UP BEDROOM BEDROOM BATH BEFORE GE Hood 30" Refrigerato 3140SH DN DN DN D DINING KITCHEN ENTRY LIVING UP UP UP BEDROOM BEDROOM BATH AFTER Because of the relocation of the main door and opening both sides of the stair, daylight can now pass through rooms. A nod to the home's history, the dining room ceiling is constructed of the wood removed from the living space's original subfloor. PROJECTS: Designer's Notebook 30 November 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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