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containments areas, and actually incorporate people into containment areas—so you could experience the process but still be safe while it was going on." e "original style" of manufacturing gin and vod- ka utilizes •rst-press grapes—instead of more typical grains—as a base for each spirit. Patrons can try both within cocktails in the tasting room. FINAL VERDICT Archetype Distillery o•cially opened its doors in February to a standing-room-only crowd and provides visitors with insights of historical and contemporary distilling tech- niques. Designed to be more than just a bar, the space includes a second ‚oor for private and public events as well as art gallery presentations and exhibits. e owners aimed to oƒer the neighborhood a true respite. "As you go through the space, you can really feel the history of the community," Bowers says. "When you enter you see old photos of the theater and community back in the 1920s, '30s and '40s. en you see the art gallery that is really tailored more to local artists and to local venues. "We've been over there probably a dozen times, having drinks with them, closing it out, [going for] diƒerent parties," he continues. "Every time, they say they continue to •nd new details and aspects of the building that they just fall in love with. Even the stenciling of 'Archetype' on the brick so that it looks historic and old. ose [are] the type of details we try to carry throughout." | •ne products but just not relating back to that authentic, original distilling spirit. We wanted things to look and feel like they [were] in their natural state." Even when they procured the ideal product, such as the large chandelier that hangs just inside the entrance, a debate would usually ensue about its installation. Bowers recalls stopping at the local hardware store on multiple occasions to purchase diƒerent chain sizes and lengths for the central light •xture in order to determine the best way to hang the heavy chandelier in an open space. "You don't realize all the nuances when you have a 5-foot cavity above at diƒerent heights, and [you need to place] those lights in the right locations," Greco explains. "And some of the •xtures didn't come intended for an open-feeling assembly, so we had to work with the con- tractor to •nd some good solutions, and hang boxes oƒ the ceiling to get these •xtures into the right locations." Creating an open environment in spite of the restrictive building codes associated with distilling also presented a challenge. e distilling area, which contains one still for vodka and another for gin, takes advantage of the full two-story space and remains open to the entire building. Visitors can view the process from above on an upper ‚oor or a catwalk that runs alongside the two stills. "You basically have 240 gallons of 90 percent ethanol alcohol; and if there's a spark, this whole place could go up," Bowers notes. "We had to go through some gymnas- tics with the city of Denver in order to establish speci•c The space delivers classic industrial sensibilities with the use of elegant modern design elements. Archetype strives to evoke an emotional connection between its patrons and the distilling process. An upper floor has its own bar, a catering kitchen and seating for more than 200 people in banquet or lecture style. QualifiedRemodeler.com QR November 2018 27

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