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NOV 2018

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getting called out there one day because nothing was straight. It was o by about 3 or 4 inches on either side." Any new steel installed in the space had to be detailed to match the existing trusses and designed with openings for ductwork as well as pipes. Special plates enabled connec- tions with the original steel and ensured a continuous aes- thetic throughout the building. Architectural Workshop elected to expose all the systems, which required addition- al direction for the individual trade contractors. "We did some original sketches, we did some 3-D mod- eling, and we built o the concept that we want people to see, feel and touch the distilling experience," Bowers notes. "€e copper panels we used are re‚ective or similar to the copper kettles that are used for the distilling. We have old wood oak paneling that—even though it's not used for gin and vodka speci…cally—it is used for whis- key, and people associate that [look] with the emotion of distilling. Behind the bar, we even incorporated a bubble wall, which is nothing more than bubbles that ‚ow up through a liquid." FACT DISCOVERY Finding the right materials became di‰cult at times be- cause many readily available products fell short of the desired aesthetic. €e …rm collaborated with vendors to identify the proper materials that would achieve an ele- gant appearance. €e interior signage, for example, was made from real aluminum with hand-…nished paint and exposed fasteners to drive home an industrial sensibility. "At one of our initial meetings, we had a lot of stan- dard, o-the-shelf products presented to us," Greco says. "I remember Mark and I looked at each other like, is isn't right for this project. It felt like a hotel. €ey were The distilling area remains open to the entire building and uses a full two-story volume to highlight its process. Workers stopped by the hardware store many times to find the right chain size and length to hang the chandelier. MAIN FLOOR MEZZANINE OFFICE STORAGE STORAGE RECEIVING COOLER DISTILLING ART GALLERY ENTRY LOBBY TASTING BAR TASTING BAR OPEN TO BELOW OPEN TO BELOW EVENT SPACE STORAGE KITCHEN ELEV ELEV PROJECTS: Design Solutions 26 November 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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