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NOV 2018

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he Webber eater, one of the rst cine- mas in Denver, opened in 1917 showing silent lms to an auditorium with 1,000 seats. In 1985 the building became Kitty's South, an adult theater and video store, but that business closed in 2007. Fire and water damage marred the structure, which remained va- cant until SourceRock Partners, a private equity rm, acquired the property in 2015. e new owners led for a certicate of nonhistoric status for the building, so they could make major modi- cations without a lengthy delay. Although they received conrmation, the structure did meet some of the require- ments for historic designation because of its history and location in the Baker neighborhood. Any remodeling would have to be approved rst by a local association. Original Intent eųÏĘĜƋåÏƋƚų±ĬŅųĩŸĘŅŞŞ±ƼŸĘŅĵ±čåƋŅ± ĬŅϱĬĬ±ĺÚĵ±ųĩƵĜƋĘÏŅĵĵƚĺĜƋƼÚåŸƋĜĺ±ƋĜŅĺ üŅųåĺƋåųƋ±ĜĺĵåĺƋ±ĺÚŸŅÏĜ±ĬĜDŽ±ƋĜŅĺţ By Kyle Clapham Photos: LaCasse Photography T PROJECTS: Design Solutions 24 November 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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