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OCT 2018

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hardware store around the corner and in- stalled it. I was initially taken aback. I thought, now we own that toilet. But it was employees taking customer service to a new OHYHO7KHFXVWRPHUVHQWXVDFKHFNIRUƮ[LQJ it and wrote a great review. WHAT WE STAND FOR When we committed to this process about 13 years ago, our referral rate was 15 percent. Today, it's tracking 48 percent. In addition, HYHU\ERG\DW0DJJLR5RRƮQJNQRZVZHŞUH not just putting on a great roof, but providing WKHEHVWFXVWRPHUH[SHULHQFHIRURXUFOLHQW We talk about this in the hiring process. We use it to sell job candidates on our com- pany. We also train for it when someone's being onboarded. Let's say you were hired as a project manager. We want it done a certain way at 0DJJLRUHJDUGOHVVRI\RXUSULRUH[SHULHQFH So you'd work for a few weeks with our oth- er project managers so that you understand our procedures. For instance, greeting the homeowner when you arrive. We use video, a script and role-playing to train for it. That way you'll build rapport with the homeowner, and if there's an issue, everyone's comfort- able talking. It's a lot easier to get to know WKHP ZKHQ \RX ƮUVW JHW WKHUH DQG WKH\ŞUH H[FLWHG:K\ZDLWIRUDSUREOHP" We don't want the wrong person working at our company. We want someone who will be a team player, who understands our mission, our brand, and what we want to do. When we do that, the money takes care of itself. n does showing up on time or communicating RUFOHDQLQJXSKDYHWRGRZLWKLW"(YHQLI\RX give a bonus to the project manager and the crew, that's about getting it done fast and saving you bucks. They may get it done fast, but you're unlikely to have that homeowner recommending your company to anyone. You didn't wow them. And these days, the home- RZQHUŞVLUULWDWLRQRULQGLƬHUHQFHDƬHFWV\RXU online image, especially through referrals. BRAND IN ACTION So we decided top-quality materials and cre- ating the opportunity for employee growth was our mission, and that our brand was SURYLGLQJDEHWWHUFXVWRPHUH[SHULHQFHWKDQ anyone else in the market. 7KDWGHFLVLRQKDGWKHLQFLGHQWDOHƬHFWRI drawing a certain kind of employee to our company. We seek to attract the kind of person who wants to work at a place where they're helping other people. 6WLOO ŠEHWWHU FXVWRPHU H[SHULHQFHš LV vague. How do you translate it into some- WKLQJPHDQLQJIXO"+RZGR\RXSURYLGHLW" We decided you make that happen by committing to the principle, "doing the right WKLQJš ,I VRPHWKLQJ JRHV ZURQJ \RX RZQ XSWRLWDQG\RXƮ[LW )RULQVWDQFHDORWRIFRPSDQLHVPDNHH[- FXVHV ZKHQ WKH\ JHW D FRPSODLQW :H ƮQG out what the problem is, determine who's re- sponsible, and suggest a solution. Sometimes it's our fault, sometimes not. But we don't back away. For instance, a customer called one day, VKRUWO\DIWHUKHUURRIZDVƮQLVKHGWRUHSRUW that something was wrong with her toilet. She was certain that the roof was involved. 5DWKHUWKDQMXVWVD\Š/DG\LWŞV\RXUWRLOHWš RXUJX\VGLDJQRVHGWKHSUREOHPH[SODLQHG KRZ WR Ʈ[ LW WKHQ ERXJKW D SDUW DW WKH ASK a contractor why he or she is in business, and they'll probably say: to make money. That makes perfect VHQVHŜDW OHDVW WR WKHP %XW LW SUREDEO\ won't do much to motivate employees or at- tract customers. And how about the person ZKRŞVMXVWEHHQKLUHG":KDWGR\RXVD\LVWKH FRPSDQ\ŞVSXUSRVH"7RPDNHPRQH\PHDQV to make the boss money. GOALS ALIGNED I learned through trial-and-error that money DQGSURƮWDUHQŞWWKHSRLQWRIKDYLQJDEXVL- ness. To attract customers and get employees aligned in the same direction, your business needs to be about something else. 6RPH \HDUV EDFN 0DJJLR 5RRƮQJ HQ- JDJHGLQDQH[HUFLVHWRFRPHXSZLWKDPLV- VLRQ VWDWHPHQW 7KH ƮUVW LGHD ZDV WKDW ZH wanted to do really good work and have a great reputation in the community. Then we scratched our heads. That was the goal, but not really what we stood for. What you stand for is the brand; a mission statement supports the brand. We went back to work and came up with this: "We stand IRU SURYLGLQJ WRSTXDOLW\ URRƮQJ SURGXFWV DQGORQJWHUPJURZWKIRUHPSOR\HHVš7KDW describes what we're all about to both the homeowner we appeal to and the employee who provides it. HOW TO GET THERE Here's why it's important: Homeowners want peace of mind. Instead, they usually get what , FDOO ŠWKH KRPH LPSURYHPHQW UXQDURXQGš The guys don't show up on time. Or they don't communicate. Or clean up. The job might be JRRGEXWWKHH[SHULHQFHRIWHQLVQŞW That happens because employees aren't dialed in to what the company stands for. If the point is to make the owner money, what What We Do If you know why you're in business, it's easier to get everyone working in sync. By Scott Siegal 6FRWW 6LHJDO LV RZQHU RI 0DJJLR 5RRƮQJ LQ :DVKLQJWRQ '& DQG DOVR RZQV WKH &HUWLƮHG Contractors Network. You can learn more about CCN by going to the website contractors.net. QualifiedRemodeler.com QR October 2018 | SPECIAL SECTION: HOME IMPROVEMENT PRO 61

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