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OCT 2018

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without much success?" These respons- es not only indicate interest and show you are listening, they also help build an abundance of information, leading to im- proved dialogue, which leads to greater understanding. 7KH ODWWHU H[HUFLVH LV PRVW EHQHƮFLDOO\ used in response to statements regarding your price, "Your price is too high," "That's a lot of money," or "We're going to get more prices." A trained response system teaches you to pause 4 to 8 seconds prior to respond- ing with, "Why do you 'say' ('think' or 'feel') that?" The response to which will guide a WUDLQHGSHUVRQWRUHVSRQGŜDVRSSRVHGWR FXWWLQJWKHSULFHŜZLWKGHƮQLWLYHLQIRUPD- tion as to how to proceed. Remember, if you uncover real needs versus stated wants, you improve the level of rapport. FROM GOOD TO EXTRAORDINARY IN SELLING Many who sell products/services in the home ultimately fail in their chosen task because of the lack of this kind of training without which they miss valuable information, in- sights and buying clues. Wit hout proper q uestioning and lis- tening techniques, valuable information may be missed or overlooked. Sometimes even the most skilled salesperson is so excited about delivering their information that they fail to listen carefully and then salesperson perceives that's what the pros- pect needs. For the salesperson not to comply is resorting to manipulation and high pres- sure, so he or she rapidly shows samples, quotes a price and takes the chance that the prospect might buy. Even very successful salespeople take shortcuts and unconsciously do a disservice to both the prospect and themselves. The prospect may not get complete information or an overview of their needs to which they are entitled and require in order to make a competent decision. This six-step sales methodolog y was created to ena ble in-home sa lespeople to develop a scientific approach to their task and bet ter ser ve the needs of their customers. W hen both sides are ser ved, it creates more business and more satis- fied customers. Depending on the prod- uct being presented and the st yle of the lead, there may be nine or 10 steps. The principle remains: "One idea at a time in a str uctured order." LESS TELLING = BETTER SELLING It is important to stress that selling is not telling. In-home selling requires listening and information-processing techniques, which actually don't take more time and energy than presentations made without them. When there is too much telling, there is a lot less listening and processing of what is being said. As an example in our published and re- corded series, entitled "Power Linguistics," we include a study on listening. The model includes exercises, which en- able those selling in the home to: ¡ Ask questions to clarify what the other party is saying. This is called L.Q.R. First, listen; second, question; and only then, respond. ¡ Another exercise teaches communica- tors to repeat some of what the other party has said. We call this "echolalia." Phrases such as, "Do I understand that you'd like to ------?" Then repeat a portion of the statement. Or "Do you mean that you tried [here describe what was said] process the information received, which of ten contains buying clues provided by prospects. "Closing the sale is the natural conclusion to the satisfactory completion of each step of the selling process." Many sales presentations are geared toward beating down the prospect's resis- tance instead of responding to their values. Our sales system is based on a sales meth- odology, which is predicated on the follow- ing credo: "A prospect/customer is the key ingre- dient in a sound sales methodology. How the prospect thinks and feels has to be the major consideration in the development RI D VDOHV V\VWHPŜRU WKDW V\VWHP ZLOO eventually fail." n "A prospect/customer is the NH\LQJUHGLHQWLQDVRXQGVDOHV PHWKRGRORJ\+RZWKHSURVSHFW thinks and feels has to be the major consideration in the development RIDVDOHVV\VWHPRUWKDWV\VWHP ZLOOHYHQWXDOO\IDLOɻ To hear and view online more about this concept visit: bit.ly/2M1FhrH Dave Yoho Associates is the oldest (since 1962), largest and most successful consulting/training group representing this indus- try. Dave and several of his senior account exec- utives will be speaking at the forthcoming Sales & Marketing Executive Symposium on Oct. 9-10, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland, hipsummit.com They also produce the best-selling recorded series, "The Science of Successful In-Home Selling" and the web-based video training series, "Super Sales Training." For more information visit daveyoho. com or email admin@daveyoho.com. QualifiedRemodeler.com QR October 2018 | 63(&,$/6(&7,21 +20(,03529(0(17352 59

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