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OCT 2018

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rapport, selling the company, selling the product, and selling the price. In the early 1960s we called this six sales, or six steps, to a sale. Despite changes in the marketplace and buyers habits, step selling responds to the manner in which the mind can intake and evaluate information. The concept is built on understanding the way the mind and the feelings of the prospect are functioning during the selling process. Customers need to deal with one idea at a time, and the combination of ideas and need issues has to be delivered in an orderly pro- FHVVWKDWLVDLPHGDWIXOƮOOLQJDQHHGRIWKH prospect and enabling the listeners (pros- pects) to build a positive relationship with the presenter. It also permits salespeople to process the information being received during a presentation, which incidentally helps them understand the prospect's val- ue system, leading to the ability to uncover unspoken needs. FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION, SOMETIMES UNWISELY Examine how salespeople often react when a prospect says, "I only want a price." The be confusing. A want may be apparent; a need may have to be uncovered. Prospects also vary in their value systems and buying habits. "In-home" sellers have to learn how to de- YHORSUDSSRUWJDLQWKHFRQƮGHQFHRISURV- pects and build trust) rapidly in order to be able to transmit their message at a level of understanding and in concert with the pros- pect's values and needs. MODERN SALES METHODS ( From our recorded series, "The Science of Successful In-Home Selling") "Historically, the goal of a sales call would have been described as an encounter that hopefully would result in a conquest or a victory. In this modern era, the concept of sell- ing a home improvement project might be described as a problem-solving interaction between buyer and seller, wherein there is a deepening of the dependency on each other, and ultimately this leads to a meeting of the minds. This presupposes that the salesper- VRQŞVSULPDU\DLPLVWRFROODERUDWHHƬHFWLYHO\ and establish trust." THE ORIGIN OF STEP SELLING Many years ago, our company introduced "step selling" for in-home salespeople. The structure of an in-home sale was divided into various levels of the presentation: the observation, needs assessment, building FREQUENTLY, a prospect's early im- pression is colored by their perception of those who sell remodeling or home improve- ment projects. So a contractor (or salesperson) enters a prospect's home facing potential distrust, resistance or misunderstanding. Even un- der the best circumstances, those who sell to homeowners have to be taught attitude DGMXVWPHQWŜLQFOXVLYHRIPHWKRGVE\ZKLFK to warm-up the prospects and the environ- ment in which they will attempt to sell their products. In most cases, contractors and salespeople DUH RƬHULQJ DQ XQƮQLVKHG SURGXFW ZKLFK KDVWREHGHƮQHGE\SLFWXUHVVDPSOHVDQG models, and supported by their presentation VNLOOVDQGDSUHSDUHGQHVVWRUHVSRQGWRŜDQG FRUUHFWŜWKH PLVLQIRUPDWLRQ WKH SURVSHFWV may have, all while maintaining "customer satisfaction." BUYING HABITS AND VALUE SYSTEMS Home improvement projects sold in the home are usually customized to adapt to architec- tural styles, existing construction and dec- orations. This requires an understanding of how the product meets the needs of the prospect, which may not be apparent in the early meetings between "buyer and seller." Š,QKRPHš SURVSHFWV KDYH GLƬHUHQW OHY- els of education and may utilize words that describe their wants and needs, which can Customer Satisfaction Selling (for Contractors and Contractor Salespeople) By Dave Yoho When both sides are served, it creates more business and PRUHVDWLVʱHG customers. The average "in-home" consumer is "in front" loaded with perceptions regarding the products and VHUYLFHVWKDWZLOOEHRʰHUHGE\DFRQWUDFWRU2IWHQ this includes information as well as misinformation. 58 63(&,$/6(&7,21 +20(,03529(0(17352 | October 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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