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OCT 2018

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Soundproofing insulation ROCKWOOL Safe'n'Sound stone wool insulation reduces airflow and sound transmissions between rooms due to its non-directional structure and denser content. Ideal for interior wall partitions of residential wood and steel stud construction, as well as floor and ceiling applications, the insulation does not rot or promote the growth of fungi or mildew; is easily cuttable; and does not promote the spread of fire. It is available at Lowe's, The Home Depot and many lumberyards throughout the U.S. ĜųÏĬåƑăŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ XPS insulation in range of thicknesses, treatments DOW BUILDING SOLUTIONS offers its STYROFOAM Brand XPS Insulation with BLUEDGE Polymeric Flame Retardant Technology in a range of thicknesses as well as surface and edge treatments. Along with its high thermal performance, the XPS insulation is easy to handle, cut and install; and resists moisture infiltration, condensation, compressive creep, fatigue and freezing. The addition of BLUEDGE technology, a sustainable flame retardant solution, to its North American manufacturing plants furthers the company's commitment toward its 2025 Sustainability Goals. ĜųÏĬåƑƁŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ ĬŅŸåÚÏåĬĬŸŞų±ƼüŅ±ĵ±ÏĘĜåƴåŸěĉĿ DEMILEC combines a R-value of 7.5 with a 6.5-in. lift to achieve a R-49 in a single pass with its Heatlok HFO High Lift spray foam insulation. It is a two-component, closed-cell polyurethane foam system commonly used as thermal insulation, an air barrier, vapor retarder and water resistive barri- er. Leveraging Honeywell's Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent technology, the fourth-generation, ultra-low global warming potential blowing agent offers superior yield, sprayability, adhesion and reduced gun-clogging while also complying with the Montreal Protocol. ĜųÏĬåƑƆŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ Pair barrier with insulation When used with unfaced, vapor-permeable insulation in wall and ceiling cavities, the MemBrain Continuous Air Barrier and Smart Vapor Retarder from CERTAINTEED delivers performance and permeance ratings compared to kraft insulating or polyethylene sheeting. The continuous indoor air barrier is ideal for "mixed climate" regions because it prevents moisture vapor from entering the wall cavity in the winter, while allowing any moisture buildup to escape during the summer. Made of a polyamide film, the barrier installs with standard tape and sealing practices. ĜųÏĬåƑîŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ PRODUCTS 54 October 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com Insulation

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