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OCT 2018

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Energy Star-rated heat pump JOHNSON CONTROLS adds to its line of resi- dential systems with the YORK Affinity Series YZT two- stage Heat Pump. Featuring a two-stage compressor for quiet, efficient operation and a compact footprint, the Energy Star-rated heat pump includes ClimaTrack for fine-tuning of the blower for specific applications, such as compensating for arid environments or maximizing the use of additional air-quality accessories. The heat pump can be installed with the Alexa-compatible, Wi-Fi- enabled Affinity Hx3 Touch-screen smart Thermostat for greater efficiency. ĜųÏĬåŏƁŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ ĘŅƵåųƚŞÚ±ƋåƵĜƋĘŅƚƋ changing plumbing The Emerge Shower Column from DELTA FAUCET transforms a shower without needing to alter any plumbing behind the shower wall or through the ceil- ing. Inspired by modern European styles, the shower column comes in angular modern and round contempo- rary styles. Its three-way diverter allows for single or shared operation of the showerhead and handshower, and the adjustable handshower can be moved up and down the column. Any of the company's showerheads and handshowers can be used with the shower column. ĜųÏĬåŏăŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ ƚŸƋŅĵěÚåŸĜčĺåÚ stairs arrive ready ƋŅĜĺŸƋ±ĬĬ The VIEWRAIL Flight floating stairs appear to hover over a slender base, but a sturdy 6- by 8-in. steel tube supports the 3-in.-thick wood treads so that no risers or connections to a wall are needed. By working with Viewrail staff, the custom-designed and premanufactured stairs arrive complete and ready to install. Stairs can be built in straight, 90-degree and switchback con- figurations. Choose from over 20 wood species in a variety of finishes, and stainless steel rod or cable railing can be added. ĜųÏĬåŏƆŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ aƚĬƋĜŸĬĜÚåÚŅŅųØÚĜųåÏƋ čĬ±DŽåƵĜĺÚŅƵŸüĜųŸƋ üųŅĵŞųŅÚƚÏƋĬĜĺå MARVIN Modern provides windows, doors and options for the execution of modern design projects. Its high-density fiberglass exterior, aluminum interior and innovative frame design deliver thermal and structural performance, strength for large sizes, less than 3-in. sightlines and longer lifespans. Exteriors/interi- ors come in ebony, bronze, anodized/silver, gunmetal and stone white with the option to split finishes. The Marvin Modern Multi-Slide Doors and Direct Glaze Windows are being released in fall 2018, followed by Marvin Modern Casement and Awning Windows in early 2019. ĜųÏĬåŏƑŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ ±ÏĩüŅųÏŅĵޱÏƋƋųƚÏĩŸ WEATHER GUARD offers a Compact Steel Truck Rack (model 1345-52-02) that securely installs to the bed rail in less than an hour with no drilling required. With a 1,000-lb. load capacity, the truck rack can carry ladders or long materials, and four different areas allow for additional tie-down points on the rack legs. Its matte black powder-coated finish ensures it is weather protected. Compatible with all the company's truck boxes, the truck rack includes a limited lifetime warranty. ĜųÏĬåŏĊŅĺĜĺŧƚĜųƼϱųÚ PRODUCTS 48 October 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com What's New

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