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JUL 2018

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C O M PA N Y T Y P E O F F I R M C E O R E S P O N S E McBride Construction, Inc. Petoskey, Mich. mcbrideconstructioninc.com 100% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 100% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 82 Number of Jobs in 2017 Design/Build + Full-service Remodeler David McBride C H A L L E N G I N G J O B T Y P E: Insurance repairs. This tends to become an issue only due to insurance companies' involvement. When it is necessary to complete these types of projects, we attempt to anticipate any type of problem that may arise. We also stay in constant contact with the adjustor to ensure timely processing of the claim. The entire time the customer is kept up-to-date with correspondence and pictures. McClurg Remodeling Marcellus, N.Y. mcclurgteam.com 98.68% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 98.67% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 496 Number of Jobs in 2017 Design/Build + Full-service Remodeler + Home Improvement/ Replacement Scott McClurg (L) Brian Ciota (R) A P P R O A C H T O P R O B L E M R E S O L U T I O N: Customer service is a priority for us. We do our best to make sure each project is well managed by our team members, constantly checking details and communicating with each other and with our clients. Our philosophy is to consult and educate our clients upfront—no matter the job size—as well as throughout the entire project, start to finish. If an unexpected problem occurs, we train our employees to be honest and inform the client about the problem right away, take ownership of any error and explain how the problem will be resolved. Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel Minneapolis, Minn. mbros.com 93.02% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 93.55% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 117 Number of Jobs in 2017 Design/Build John Murphy (L) Sherry Murphy (R) C H A L L E N G I N G J O B T Y P E: Without question, the hardest client to satisfy is the homeowner experiencing storm, fire or water damage and the confusing world of insurance restoration. When storms hit the Twin Cities in June 2017, most of us were caught off-guard by the widespread severity. Add to that the recovering remodeling market as a whole, and you pretty much had the perfect storm [with] rising material and labor costs, lack of reliable skilled labor, our own doubling of non-storm related inquiries, and an internal staff shortage in every area. In many cases, it was the insurance adjuster who was also overwhelmed, which further delayed what is already an inherently slow process. The solution was to modify the survey Murphy Bros. sends to insurance jobs to measure only what the company has complete control over. My Guys Remodeling Apex, N.C. myguysremodeling.com 96.33% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 95.24% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 150 Number of Jobs in 2017 Home Improvement/ Replacement Joe Bass II (L) Shawn Sell (R) A P P R O A C H T O P R O B L E M R E S O L U T I O N: First, keeping in contact with the client all the way through the process helps mitigate any issues. When an issue presents itself on occasion (like a delivery not making it as expected), getting out in front of the problem and informing the customer right away prevents a lot of issues. We train our employees to cheerfully listen when a client has a concern before responding. We also train our employees not to jump into their sentence because any assumptions you may have made are often wrong. If I take it down to a very basic level, we train to be excellent communicators and active listeners. Paragon Construction Midlothian, Va. paragonrva.com 98.06% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 95.83% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 73 Number of Jobs in 2017 Full-service Remodeler Jeremy Shank C H A L L E N G I N G J O B T Y P E: While we have consistently received high rankings, the hardest projects to obtain high satisfaction tend to be those that are less transforming; these would be projects such as roofing. There is not as much visual transformation, so customers tend to be less likely to comment on our work. We try to let our customers know that any change to their home is meaningful. Our expert team and partners will be with them to ensure that the result is even better than they imagined. As a result of this practice, we continue to receive quality results for all types of projects. SPECIAL REPORT: Customer Satisfaction 46 July 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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