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JUL 2018

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C O M PA N Y T Y P E O F F I R M C E O R E S P O N S E Degnan Design-Build-Remodel Madison, Wis. degnandesignbuildremodel.com 97.37% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 100% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 16 Number of Jobs in 2017 Design/Build Abe Degnan C H A L L E N G I N G J O B T Y P E: The longer that a project takes, the more likely we are to have a difficult time with customer satisfaction. It is imperative to complete projects on time and on budget. A project that is not on time will rarely be on budget, because problems will arise or the cost of management and labor will drag on and cause budget overruns. When it's on budget we are happy, and if being on time leads to on budget, then typically both we and our clients are satisfied! DiFabion Remodeling, Inc. Indian Trail, N.C. difabionremodeling.com 99.27% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 100% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 28 Number of Jobs in 2017 Design/Build Mike DiFabion Sr. (L) Michael DiFabion Jr. (R) A P P R O A C H T O P R O B L E M R E S O L U T I O N: Always be looking two-to- three steps ahead and try to anticipate problems. We have our field staff and designers document the progress of a job by entering job log notes and taking pictures at every step. When we have a walk-through with the client, we document what was discussed and send a summary to the client for approval. If a problem does arise, we review our documentation and request a meeting with the client as soon as possible to address the situation and resolve it expeditiously and amicably. We also train employees to listen and put the homeowner at ease while we come up with a solution. Doing It Right Roofing Siding Remodeling, LLC Russellton, Pa. roofingconstractorpittsburgh.com 96.55% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 94.67% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 388 Number of Jobs in 2017 Home Improvement/ Replacement Robert Jermalowski A P P R O A C H T O P R O B L E M R E S O L U T I O N: We believe that our problem- resolving steps are second to none in the industry, based on three key aspects [of] our company policy. First, we have an 18-page, detailed contract specification, explaining the installation in step-by-step details. Second, we send out a detailed pre-installation email, describing what to expect before, during and after the job process. Third, we perform on-site inspections before, during and after, and do not accept payment until a final inspection is completed and all issues, if any, have been addressed. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Orland Park Orland Park, Ill. dreambkop.com 97.96% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 100% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 10 Number of Jobs in 2017 Design/Build Glen Borkowski U S I N G R E C O M M E N D R AT E: During our first communication with a potential client, we ask if they will also be contacting other remodeling companies. If they answer yes, we ask what criterion they will use for making a decision as to who they will hire. We mention GuildQuality, explain the services they provide, and ask if they have already visited our website and clicked on the GuildQuality link. If they have not, then we email them the direct link to our account, and explain that all remodeling companies are not created equal [and] they owe it to themselves to be diligent consumers and do their homework. If they indicate they are not interested in doing that, it's a strong indicator to us they are in all likelihood not a good fit for our company. Encore Construction Company, Inc. Dennisport, Mass. encoreco.com 93.98% GQ All-time Recommend Rate 88.89% GQ 2017 Recommend Rate 13 Number of Jobs in 2017 Design/Build Dale Nikula (L) Kathy DeMeyer (R) A P P R O A C H T O P R O B L E M R E S O L U T I O N: We feel that communication is the key part of problem solving. We have weekly meetings to discuss challenges on jobs and as a team come up with solutions that work for us as well as the client. As soon as a challenge occurs, the entire team decides on the proper resolution, and then either sales or the project manager will discuss with the client and explain how it will be resolved. Having the experience to see challenges before they become disasters is what our clients expect. QualifiedRemodeler.com QR July 2018 41

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