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JUL 2018

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will not adversely affect the neighborhood. Whereas the county focuses on setbacks and use, subdivisions care more about appearance. "ey want it to conform, and they want it to look a certain way," Stebnitz says. "If you have a homeowners' association, then you're going [to have to go] through both processes." CONSISTENT THEME Some customers fancy a detached structure that looks totally different from their house, although the new living space should always acknowledge the existing residence. If the home incorporates brick on its exterior, for ex- ample, a contractor could use brick for the foundation of the detached structure with fiber cement siding. e architectural design of a house needs to be heeded as well. "We don't want it to look like an afterthought," says Scott Maynor, general manager of Home Enhancements, the remodel division of Wayne Harbin Builder, in Yorktown, Virginia. "A lot of times you're building it to match a lot of the details on the home, but it doesn't necessarily have to be exact." Maynor has constructed a number of detached two-story garages with living space. "If the house has cedar shake shingles, typically we're going to do cedar shake shingles. If it has a metal roof, we'll do a metal roof," he adds. "We're matching a lot of the same detail so it ties into the home; because a lot of times, they're sitting right beside each other. ey're so visible." "You want the new space to be really cool but also blend in, and make sure it [pays] homage to the existing design of the house—so it doesn't look like it's something completely different than what's going on," says Gordon, whose clients tend to be mindful of the design. "I've been doing this long enough that I can suggest it won't be a net benefit most likely in the long run for them." When mapping out a detached structure, contractors must verify the location of existing utilities to ensure they integrate seamlessly. "In a remodel application you're go- ing in where the home is already built. You're seeing where there are underground utilities, septic systems, propane tanks [and] irrigation systems," Maynor explains. "If there are elevation changes, you bring in backfill. "We're looking at clearing; we're looking at grading. If there are any issues that are already out there, we're going to fix those issues or identify potential issues in the future, so the homeowner is aware we're not going to create a problem," he adds. "ere might be additional work that we have to do [too] with swells or berms to divert water away from the home, not back towards it." | living space on the lot. "For the most part, the munic- ipalities are helpful. ere's very little leeway though. Sometimes you can get a variance, but more and more there's a thick black line—and there's no gray area," Gordon notes. "If you have a standard lot, it's pretty black and white. ere seems to be a little more leeway if you propose it as an [accessory dwelling unit]. But still, I've found that lot coverage is becoming a massive emphasis, and they're not giving you much leeway there." "e process is always the same," Stebnitz explains. "For a variance, we have to explain why there's a hardship and why we need to build outside the limitations that the county has created. It's up to us to relay the client's wishes to the county in a way [that confirms] it's a hardship. Just wanting more space typically isn't a hardship. We have to relay that message and make it loud and clear." Remodelers also may have to submit their proposal to a homeowners' association and show their changes Home Enhancements, the remodel division of Wayne Harbin Builder, constructed this two-story detached garage with a small living area to host guests and entertain people. Photos: Craig Davenport/ARC Imaging QR OUTDOORS: Detached Structures 28 July 2018 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com

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