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JUN 2015

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with their employee exactly what was done well, and how it beneftted the com- pany. For example, a manager tells their staf "You really did a great job last month working on improving your demo (presentation) rate by slowing down and being a better listener — or your demo rate improved by 15 per- cent, a major reason for our increased sales. I appreciate the time and efort you put into this area, and the outstanding results "thank you very much." QR : Despite all this there is still the problem of maintaining costs, budgets, and achieving goals. DAVE: A good manager has to manage by the numbers to understand cause and efect. Some managers state "sales are down" as if that is the cause of their problem. Sales being down is a symptom. What is the cause? Low closing, customer cancellations, or not enough leads? Dig deeper. Low closing is still a symptom of a deeper problem. What is causing low closing? Poor selling system, insufcient training, or manager not spend- ing one on one time with sales reps? Figure out the root cause and you're on your way to solving the problem. Make sure all key metrics are tracked, and when the company is not hitting a revenue or proft goal, dig deep into the data, determine the issue, and implement a corrective plan of action. QR : We live in an ever-changing world. How does this relate to managing? DAVE: I call this dedication to "AL" — Always Learning. Outstanding managers realize "they don't know everything". They build relationships with successful people that provide advice and mentoring. They read books, watch DVDs, and attend sem- inars that provide up-to-date information on their industry, strategies for efective people leadership, and training on their specifc area of focus. QR : What fnal advice do you have for those who own and run a remodeling/ home improvement company? DAVE: The owner is the most important manager. Industry-leading companies are led by owners that are great managers. The owner is the most important manager. Pick one or two of the above concepts, put a real focus on it, and it will make a pos- itive impact on your bottom line. Because in business, when you want to know why something is what it is, the answer is always three things "The Manager, The Manager, The Manager." n QualifiedRemodeler.com | ForResidentialPros.com QR June 2015 | SPECIAL SECTION: HOME IMPROVEMENT PRO 35

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