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JUN 2015

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resources. Realize that some people are just not a good ft for certain jobs, re-assign or terminate employees that show they can't meet communicated standards. This sends the message to the entire team that everyone needs to "pull their weight" for the company to succeed. QR : Do you have a theory on "leading by example"? DAVE: When managers talk about a posi- tive attitude, are they displaying one? Pretty obvious, but often not done. When they talk to a prospect in the ofce, do they follow the company script? And do they get in the trenches with their people? Leading by ex- ample is crucial to developing a team of high performers. QR : How does a manager focus on actions that drive growth and proft? DAVE: Too many mangers stay in their ofce to do paperwork, return emails, and just "keep busy." Stay focused on actions that drive Your company is doing well? It's the manag- er. Your company is losing money? It's the manager. Lead cost is too high? Again, it's the manager. You have customer complaints? It's the manager. Your company is growing or shrinking? It's the manager. QR : How about some insights on creating and maintaining standards? DAVE: Set clear standards and provide your staf the necessary training and QR : Dave, give us a quick snapshot of what makes the diference between success and failure in the average home improvement company. DAVE: Here is the simplest answer I can provide. There are three reasons for success or failure in business. You've heard the "location, location, location" rule for real estate. In your business, the reason for success or failure has a similar ring to it – "the manager, the manager, the manager." Managing a Remodeling/ Home Improvement Business A management expert shares his observations throughout his 25 years in management. Qualifed Remodeler interviewed Dave Azer, account executive with Dave Yoho Associates, about the subject of what remodelers/home improvement companies could do to raise the quality of their management techniques. Azer is a management specialist who has spent most of his adult life working for mid- to large-size companies on improving business plans and bottom lines. 32 SPECIAL SECTION: HOME IMPROVEMENT PRO | June 2015 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com | ForResidentialPros.com

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