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JUN 2015

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Who started your company? I started my company with my wife by my side. When and how did you choose this career? It was actually my family and friends who encouraged this career choice as they were not able to fnd a reliable, responsible and qualifed remodeler. I saw a need and wanted to help them, as well as pro- vide for my wife and our own growing family. What did you do before be- coming a remodeler? I was part of several diferent types of companies during high school and my early years in col- lege. From all of them, I took away a great amount of knowledge of what people are looking for when working with a company. Most importantly, I learned I want to be a but we have decided we would hire "all star" people who may not have experience in this industry and train them. If someone is an "all star" (sincere, motivated, hard-working, honest and determined), they will do great at whatever they do! Right now, what is your fo- cus as a remodeler — more growth or steady revenue at greater proftability? We are looking to refne our systems, increase production and proftability without adding more employees. What is your No. 1 source of leads right now and why is it working? Referrals — doing great work with great service provided by a dynamic staf — mean never-ending work. What is the best advice you've received in your career? You cannot make people be successful; you can give them opportunities. It's up to them if they take them and run. What is your favorite item in your ofce? My wooden hand- carved bull given to me by my wife from Jamaica representing the city I grew up and live in: "Bull City" Durham, N.C. Anything else you'd like to mention about career ac- complishments? I owe all my personal successes within my company to my partner and employees; I'm a small part of a team. Tey make it special, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it! | good customer-service oriented company that happens to do excellent remodeling work. How has the remodeling pro- fession changed since you've been involved? Gosh, how hasn't the in- dustry changed? Due to the "big crash" in 2008-2009, remodeling has only increased, but there is a much higher demand now for a quality remodeler who stands by their work. Many remodelers are report- ing increases in their average job size in 2015. Are you seeing this as well? We are; we have increased 30 to 40 percent. Where do you go to look for solutions and ideas for your business? I have a great support system within the company. We have a "think tank" if you will; my partner and I are able to come together and bounce ideas of each other. We seek other's advice and test out our ideas with our team, as well as asking clients for feedback and using marketing research. My motto: "Hire people smarter than myself and let them tell me what to do!" What does being part of NAHB mean to you? I have an awesome group of supporting, successful, committed professionals to lean on. Finding qualifed labor is a challenge — are you hiring this year and how are you going about finding the right people for your company? We are having issues for sure, 'Think Tank' Helps Remodeler Kenneth Combs of CQC Home in Durham, N.C., is the June NAHB Remodeler of the Month By Kacey Larsen KENNETH COMBS CQC Home Durham, N.C. cqchome.com TITLE: CEO YEAR FOUNDED: 2007 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 23 Friends and family encouraged Combs to pursue remodeling full time, and now he and his partner offer customer-focused service. PROFITS: NAHB Remodeler of the Month 16 June 2015 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com | ForResidentialPros.com

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